What's the best pirate game?

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#1 Posted by Stoufzilla (149 posts) -
By pirate I mean this not bootleg games, of course :) I love pirates and I've got quite a good selection of piratey games, I just wondered what you guys thought the best pirate game was? I'd personally go with Sid Meiers Pirates! or Tropico 2 - Pirate Cove, cause they're my favourites, There's loads out there, if you could advise I stay away from some that'd also be appreciated :)
#2 Posted by The_Red_X (1572 posts) -
Pirates of the Burning Sea if you like mmo's
#4 Posted by acidBURN1942 (4897 posts) -
Id say Pirates!
#5 Posted by zh666 (5067 posts) -
Skies of Arcadia
#6 Posted by green_obsidian (121 posts) -
I know its kind of old but the monkey island series is awsome
#7 Posted by AdrianWerner (28033 posts) -

depends on a genre :)

Best pirate strategy game: Port Royale 2

Best pirate RPG- Pirates of Carribean with all the mods (they turn the game from meh to awesome)

Best pirate adventure game - Monkey Island 2

#8 Posted by Cerussite (3084 posts) -
The original Pirates! or the Secret of Monkey Island. I can't really choose.
#9 Posted by cjgangsta (1088 posts) -
Monkey Island is pretty good.
#10 Posted by foxhound_fox (88102 posts) -
In terms of doing piratey things I would have to go with Sid Meier's Pirates! The remake of course, I never had the lucky chance to play the original.
#11 Posted by Lord_Daemon (24244 posts) -

I would have to go with Sid Meier's Pirates as well as far as the best. One of my personal favorites though is Pirates - The Legend of the Black Kat. Not the greatest game but I had a great deal of fun with it and I really liked the main character Katerina de Leon.


I always hoped that they would make an improved sequel but instead they made a game based on the character Jack Sparrow a few years later. Ah well...

#12 Posted by goku1987 (57 posts) -

for me it would be sid meiers pirates for regular pirate stuff but i seen one post that was skies of arcadia and if sky pirates count then that would be the best pirate game for me :)

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#13 Posted by ChaosRyder665 (23244 posts) -
Sid Meiers Pirates is my favorite pirate game, and in my opinion, the best.
#14 Posted by Planeforger (15669 posts) -

Monkey Island 2 gets my vote, although if we're talking about pirate sims, then Cutthroats was probably my favourite (despite the terrible reviews).

In terms of doing piratey things I would have to go with Sid Meier's Pirates! The remake of course, I never had the lucky chance to play the original.foxhound_fox

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#15 Posted by wallyashash (22 posts) -
oh yes monkey island that is a classic game.
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#17 Posted by foxhound_fox (88102 posts) -
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I'm in the process of watching the series again as well as crafting a new sig and more complex avatar. I'm glad to see that people still remember the show. It is one of my favourites.
#18 Posted by wallyashash (22 posts) -
i miss that show. reminds me when i was a kid id still watch that show
#19 Posted by N8A (18602 posts) -
Rogue Galaxy is a Space Pirate RPG. I've not played it, but i've heard it is pretty good.
#21 Posted by gnideerb (6 posts) -
I really like pirate quest. This game is so addicting it's unbelievable. http://www.piratequest.net/index.php?r=61643
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I know its kind of old but the monkey island series is awsomegreen_obsidian
Old doesn't matter. Fun is fun. And MI is FUN! A game that's not a pirate game, but had amazingly fun pirate action in it was Sly 3. I posted in my review that all pirate games should take a note from the pirate levels in this game. If Sucker Punch came out with a Theives of the Sea game, I would pick it up.
#23 Posted by Planeforger (15669 posts) -

Yeah, I love Monkey Island, I've only played Escape From Monkey Island recently though, I'm going to look into buying Curse of Monkey Island :D It's good to see some games I don't recognise, I'll definitely check them out :)Stoufzilla

I hope that you mean that you own the other MI games, but have only played Escape from Monkey Island recently...because if you've only played EMI, I feel sorry for you.:?