What's Nintendo's Greatest Series of all-time? (poll)

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What do you think is Nintendo's greatest game franchise of all time? I know I might have forgotten some but I think I hit the major ones (zelda and mario).

Personally, I say Zelda is Nintendo's greatest gaming series of all time.

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man this is a hard one to pick but ill choose mario
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Definitely Zelda.

When a new Zelda game is coming out, people's ears perk up and start paying attention and analyzing every piece of data and screenshot released. You can't say the same about Mario and Pokemon.

So many Mario and Pokemon games come out per year that I think their reputations, especially Mario's, have been a little bit tarnished.

#4 Posted by CheeChee_Macko (2236 posts) -
Mario. Man, I loved that guy in Super Mario Golf.
#5 Posted by Tking1293 (1222 posts) -
Zelda. It has the best story lines of the gmaes, as well as awesome puzzles that really make you think.
#6 Posted by WSGRandomPerson (13693 posts) -
Zelda FTW
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The Ocarina is one of the best Ninendo games ever, followed by 4 very good sequels. It is the definition of adventure and has epic scope. Mario is more arcady, and Pokemon, while fun and addictive, is RPG Lite.
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Everyone knows of him and of his games. With all the re-releases of the past games, its impossible for someone to not have heard of Super Mario Bros 1 & 3.

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For me its definately mario, while zelda is important, mario has had more marketing power.
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you forgot Donkey Kong

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zelda. over 20 years of zelda and only 1 dud from nintendo. thats very very impressive. apparently TP was the last zelda as we know it (IE its going for an overhaul) so i cant wait to see what they do with it. its a series that there clearly passionate about, more so than any other imho.
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Its a no brainer that mario is the face of Nintendo.

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"Writes choice 6, F-zero"

"votes F-zero"

It's hard, challenging, but very rewarding to see the sights and stages of places you've unlocked. The best arcade racer ever, no version of Wipeout or Outrun gets as close to a complete package like F-zero.

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mario...pokemon is 2nd
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Best Frachise of All-time? Mario


#16 Posted by AddictedGamer50 (541 posts) -
Mario by far!!!!!!!!!
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I'm a little bit suprised at the lack of Metroid love so far. I'm going with Zelda myself because it has everything I look for in a game...but Metroid is not far behind. OoT is my favorite game ever and Metroid Prime trails it, probably because there hasn't been enough time for the nostalgia to build. Mario is definitely top three of course. My favorite games list is heavily biased towards those three franchises.
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Definitely Zelda.

When a new Zelda game is coming out, people's ears perk up and start paying attention and analyzing every piece of data and screenshot released. You can't say the same about Mario and Pokemon.


I agree 100%. I know I def get very excited whenever I even hear of a rumor a new zelda game. I also do that with star wars games, but unlike those, Zelda games always deliver.

#19 Posted by PickGlove243 (3144 posts) -
Zelda, simply because of MM
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#21 Posted by TheLegendKnight (1853 posts) -

even i'm not a fan of it, Mario is the greatest series of Nintendo, thats a fact. they made millions of Mario games and they still do. yes thats what you call milkage but that proves it still sells alot. if mario series stop Nintendo will die

#22 Posted by N8A (18602 posts) -
Oh i'm feeling Zelda, but i've certainly enjoyed mario over the years.
#23 Posted by patriots2871 (21445 posts) -
it has to be mario
#24 Posted by Lord_Regnier (1283 posts) -
Star Fox!
#25 Posted by kemar7856 (11512 posts) -
ZELDA then metroid ...MArio is just chessy now its worse then sonic now mario party 48??
#26 Posted by VGobbsesser (15614 posts) -
Mario,by far.Metroid,however,is my favorite franchise.
#27 Posted by Steel_Rain777 (1770 posts) -
Mario is literally what put Nintendo on the map, but my favorite series is Legend of Zelda.
#28 Posted by Dariency (9406 posts) -
Mario for sure. Mario has been in just about every genre, including platformer, RPG, sports, party, puzzle, and stradegy. Zelda is basically just an RPG. I also never got into Zelda until Wind Waker. Mario has always got my game, though.
#29 Posted by Thiago26792 (11059 posts) -
Zelda, definetly.
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Zelda FTW
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first of all, i cant believe you even put star fox and pokemon on the same list as Mario and Zelda.

for me, its Zelda. Zelda on NES is the all-time best game. number 2 on my all-time best list is mario 3...very sweet. mario for SNES was cool too. but Zelda for 64 brought it all back.

#32 Posted by Shiggums (21436 posts) -
Mario. He's been throughout the Nintendo from the beginning, so many great series and gameplays. Mario definitely on top lol
#33 Posted by Abgoj (12168 posts) -
Eh, none of those, super smash bros. hands down, then Zelda.
#34 Posted by sniper_99 (2820 posts) -
Mario started it all
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I haven't enjoyed the last few Marios or the adding of Mario in front of everything under the sun (e.g. Mario's Time Machine, Mario is Missing, Mario Paint, Mario Party...), so I'm gonna have to go with Zelda.
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It's between Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon.
#37 Posted by skreetpreacha (877 posts) -

What? No Kirby???? lol, just kidding....

Hard to choose b/w Mario and Zelda, but since the Zelda games usually have more depth and story, I chose Zelda.

#38 Posted by GabuEx (36552 posts) -

Why is Metroid listed as Metroid Prime? There's way, way more Metroids than just Prime.

Anyway, I love Metroid to death. For serious. So I'm going with that one.

#39 Posted by skitz8 (104 posts) -

its a close competition in my book between zelda and metroid, despite metroids rehashed story line, it contains some amazing gameplay and is very addicting.

do i even have to explain zelda?

and for all of you who picked mario... to be a greatest series you have to still be a series...it really ended after super mario 3 after that it became a list of sharacters to exploit for every penny possible

#40 Posted by Nick_DeLonge (191 posts) -

Man that is kinda hard question, like a n-fan I sure have enjoyed a lot with all nintendo games. But really being real, Mario is the greatest series of all times and maybe the most important franchise on the videogame story. Mario is the icon of all videogames, it's games (with few exceptions) innovates on the plataform genre, a lot of characters came out of the series, a lot of kids have at least one game of the Mario series with their Nintendo system.

Atfer that the best serie is Zelda: epic, dramatic, fun, with a solid story, with a beautiful and memorable music, with a sweet princess to rescue, with a lot of items to get and to figured it out how to use, all Zelda games are the best adventure rpg on the story, period.

#41 Posted by zpxkjp (163 posts) -
Pokemon, the craze of pokemania cant be beaten and the games are so damn addictive.
#42 Posted by Tykain (3887 posts) -


Mario was great on the snes tho, but don't really like any of the mario games since the N64.

#43 Posted by mnbskydoll (71 posts) -
Hard choice, but I ended up picking Pokemon... but it's actually Zelda... or Mario .. hmm :oops:
#44 Posted by Whiteblade999 (5579 posts) -
The only nintendo franchise I love playing is Fire Emblem.
#45 Posted by Jacken89 (129 posts) -
gotta go with Mario
#46 Posted by deon99 (623 posts) -
pokemon all day mario a close second do.
#47 Posted by zeus_gb (7792 posts) -
As much as I love Mario Kart i'd have to go with Zelda.
#48 Posted by chazer127 (572 posts) -
Zelda is my favorite because of the game-play, Followed (very closely) by Metroid for the atmosphere it sets, then Mario because...well its Mario, what else can I say
#49 Posted by CommanderShiro (21746 posts) -
Give me Mario.