Whats Best Silent Hill outside of the first three

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Poll: Whats Best Silent Hill outside of the first three (21 votes)

The Room 24%
Origins 0%
Homecoming 24%
Shattered Memories 29%
Downpour 19%
Book of Memories 5%

You may give your explanation as to why you think which is best if you wish.

Personally I really enjoyed Shattered Memories I loved the new take on the story setting and atmosphere of the first game. Also having to flee and hide from the enemies imo made the mood more creepy and tense rather than the usual walking down a hallway and beating a monster down with the usual assortments of lead pipe and whatnot.

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the 4th one (The Room) was unsettling, especially with those guys you couldn't kill always on your heals

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My vote goes to Homecoming, fantastically underrated game.

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I'll add my vote to the room. Had a very interesting concept minus the repetition and it's made by the same team! Yay for old team!

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The Room should have been just that, The Room. The attachment of the Silent Hill name and the requirement to try to give it some loose connection to the series dragged it down some. Really wish it had been on the HD Collection. I voted for Shattered Memories. That game has a special place for me because of how masterfully crafted a story it told. To bad it's so bare bones and not terribly repayable though, it really is a one and done.

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I voted for Downpour, but The Room is also really good and Homecoming I like as well

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Downpour only cause it's the only game from those listed, I beaten.

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I only played Silent Hill 4: The Room once. The atmosphere was simply great.

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silent hill (psx) >>silent hill homecoming>>silent hill 2>>silent hill downpour for me i never play silent hill 3 and the room

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Shattered Memories was awesome. Homecoming was good, too.

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I would have to go with Shattered Memories as well. I am shocked it doesn't get more attention.

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Homecoming for me.