Whats a Perfect recipe of a good mmo in your opinion?

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Hi fellow gamers with the recent flop of Starwars the old republic it seems strange how a company like bioware can botch a franchise like starwars. So, two questions: 1. How should SWTOR have been different in your opinion? 2. What makes an mmo interesting to you? I figure bioware tried making a game like kotor but online, which might seem like a good idea but somehow I can't see how pvp combat or combat in general would be very exciting. To me an mmo game needs large and varied areas to explore, an intuitive skill system, an intuitive class system, loads of loot and skill based gameplay. I like to be able to affect the outcome of battles with my aim/reflexes/tactics
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A game like world of warcraft where you levelup and always have the option to join battlegrounds and pvp. Leveling is fastest when you group with others and not like in WoW where you level slower together. The setting is scifi and you can explore space and planets like in SWG. The game can be played solo entirely even at endgame if you prefer but grouping is very much prefered. There shouldn't be much to read. There are some voice acting but nowhere near as much as in TOR. There needs to be like areas in openworld where enemy players can kill eachother. Crafting isn't very complex and the things you can make is actually good and nice looking. No **** items anymore from crafting noone ever buys on AH!


In other words mix warhammer online with eve and swg and dont release it full of bugs since it will never recover.