What type of gamer are you, fast, slow?

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#-49 Posted by darkman006 (927 posts) -
Unless its something short like a FPS, I'm usually slow when it comes to finishing games, some games I don't even finish at all because I end up buying new games. Or I'm playing WoW that takes up most of my gaming time. Usually games that are 10-20hrs I can finish in a week or so, the games that are 40+ hrs I tend to loose interest in them about half way through, but I may pick them up later if I have nothing else to play.
#-48 Posted by Kravyn81 (9438 posts) -

When I say that, I mean are you the slow and steady, find everything do everything type, or are you the type who tries to beat a game as fast as possible. Me I fit into the first category, I spend a lot of time at work and trying to get back into school so I am the slow and steady type, it will take me forever sometimes to beat a game lol. Plus, I like to make a great game last.

I've never understood the logic behind spending $60 for a game only to try and beat it as fast as possible. You're really getting your money's worth, aren't you? And if these people do it just to turn around and trade it in to GameStop to get the maximum credit, that is equally retarded since you're better off renting your games for $15 a month from Gamefly and speeding through them so you can rent another game and continue your lunacy. But I guess some people would rather spend $60 only to turn around and get half of that back trading it in versus spending a quarter of that $60 to rent as many games as possible and still only have spent $15.