What type of game is AC4 exactly?

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Hi guys.

I'm thinking about trying Assassin's Creed IV but I haven't quite figured out what kind of game it is yet. Is it an MMORP, with online servers and players adventuring alone or in groups in an evolving world, or is it a solo game with some PVP servers?

The answer to this question would determine whether I buy it or not.

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It's a single player game that tries to blend together a basic pirate sim with a stealth-focused action-adventure game.

I guess it might also contain a multiplayer mode (which is just a more arcadey version of The Ship - wandering around an arena in disguise stabbing other players), but I doubt too many people buy it for that.

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Single-player, Open-world, Action-Adventure game.

It's similar in overarching design to Farcry 3 if you've played that. But with the third-person action-adventure elements replacing the FPS ones.

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It's boring sludge featuring an open world you aren't allowed to interact with, clunky navigation, bare bones stealth, and clunky non-gameplay combat where enemies take turns attacking you one at a time and simply mashing A and B will destroy everything around you.