What's the oldest game you've played recently?

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#101 Posted by ArchonOver (1103 posts) -

Decided to play through Warcraft 3 again. It's still a blast to play.

#102 Posted by guynamedbilly (12965 posts) -

Worms Pinball from 1998. It's a pretty decent table with some okay music too. I didn't play it very long though.

I've recently started playing through Beyond Good and Evil.

#103 Edited by CoquiNegro (173 posts) -

The most recent is Shadow of the colossus. It still remains the my favorite game of all time, and I have a tradition to revisit it in its anniversary, hence in September I did another walkthrough. The game is still an artistic marvel to behold.

#104 Posted by MonoSilver (1525 posts) -

Spyro the Dragon.

#105 Edited by iSpectatoR (47 posts) -

Grand Theft Auto IV, completed it again :)

#106 Posted by cyborg100000 (2857 posts) -

Played Doom I, II & Final Doom for the first time ever with the brutal mod (does that count?). What a blast. Straight to the shooting, and the shooting's very satisfying.

#107 Posted by Chickan_117 (16329 posts) -

Probably Metal Gear Solid 1, 2, 3 which I finally got around to playing just recently on my PSP (1) and Vita (2, 3). Great games that still managed to entertain despite the dated and clunky gameplay feel. Looking forward to playing 4 now

#108 Edited by Jerell_rast (7093 posts) -

Decided to re-play Super Mario Bros. 3, without skipping any world or stage or use any item I collect.

#109 Posted by geniobastardo (1294 posts) -

Battlefield Bad company 2

#110 Edited by fatooosh (707 posts) -

Conker: Live & Reloaded great game

#111 Posted by Supabul (3863 posts) -

Chrono Trigger

#112 Edited by bad_fur_day (1988 posts) -

Interesting question and depending on what you define as recent and what you define as old;

Completed; Fable1, Deus Ex1, Baldur's Gate1 + Tales of the Sword Coast expansion, Final Fantasy: Tactics, Vagrant Story, Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast, No One Lives Forever, No One Lives Forever 2, Farcry1 and Freedom Force Vs. The Third Riech.

Also played; Snatcher, Morrowind, Mystery Dungeon 2 (Shiren the wanderer), Black and White, Tomb Raider: Legend.... the list goes on lol

#113 Posted by jKryptonite (23 posts) -

Castlevania:symphony of the night.

.If you like the old castlevanias, and somehow haven't played it, you're gonna love it.

#114 Posted by EvilSelf (3619 posts) -

Lately, i re-visited Dark Sector for the 360.

#115 Edited by Lucianu (9443 posts) -

Replayed and finished Planescape: Torment. God, such an amazing game. Everytime i revisit it i find something new, some new quest to do, some new bit added to the backstory so i can understand everything better. Every single piece of dialogue is excellent. And now, i've remembered why this game has my favorite story ever conceived in a video game, and some of my most beloved characters i have experienced.

#116 Posted by sukraj (23023 posts) -

Currently playing Far Cry 3 such an amazing game.

#117 Edited by GroceryShopping (18 posts) -

Mortal Kombat trilogy on Xbox marketplace

#118 Posted by Wallyh08 (535 posts) -

Always find myself heading back to theme hospital!

Only wish theme park world would work properly, or maybe even a reboot