What MMO can you recomended?

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Hi guys! I'm Meg - new here. I played WOW. What other MMO games can you recommend?
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well, depends. there are a lot of MMOs out there. tell us what features you are looking for in a game so we could suggest you the one closest to what you described.

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I wish it has interesting plot and cool graphics. And it would be the best, if there will be the sci-fi elements in it. Thanks in advance!! :)
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FFXI, the only one I ever liked :3

Not for the faint of heart mind you >.>

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Runescape is the best...!!!!
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Wow, I never thought I would see gold farmers on forums! Anyway, I too would like to find a good MMO worth spending time with. I am often disappointed with those I try. I loved Tera's combat but hated the same old "kill X number of Y monsters" and "gather X number of Y herbs" rinse and repeat quests over and over and over. This seems to draw me away from most MMOs. I also don't care for the point and click combat. I like more action based controls. Is there any MMOs with more "imaginative" quests?
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theres a lot of good MMOs that are on par with WoW but just never really had the playerbase WoW had. you could try EQ (which is F2P) and they still add new content to it. its a bit older and if your a younger gamer you probably will experience difficulty getting used to the text-game influence. but theres LOTR online (which is especially good if your into fantasy-style MMOs) but for a sci-fi, all i can recommend to you is SW:TOR (which is hit and miss for some people, i personally had a bad taste for it) and possibly Eve online (which is more of a strategy game but great nonetheless)

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FFXI: simply the best!!!
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If you like spy or interactive I would suggest http://seket.us . It requires and lot of stretegy.
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I was browsing around the net and came across this site. http://itisgamelol.wordpress.com/ It appears Ezrael and Lee Sin are some of the more popular champions. This got me wondering if both are pretty much easy to learn / master since they are so popular among players? Also, which champions do you keep seeing when you play? I've seen so many Garens that it isn't funny anymore. T_T
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I very strongly recommend Guild Wars 2 to most people here. The game certainly has a deep story (lore much deeper than presented if you like extra storytime, see their wiki) with a lot of personal choices, the game looks stunning, and the combat mechanics are very fluid and sharp, and vary heavily between the 8 different classes, none of which are the "tanking warrior" or "dps thief" stereotypical archtypes. They put a lot of work into making the classes playable in different ways, however you want.

Also, no monthly fees.


more up to date and extensive:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ax-_06Acj8Y

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If you`re looking for a game with sci-fi elements (or in this case rather a fully immersive sci-fi game) i strongly reccomend Eve Online. This game, unlike many others in this genre, presents you with a total sandbox experience, meaning almost everything is player-driven and manufactured by other players. It is a PvP oriented game so if you have a competitive personality you should find it quite amusing. Of course, if you`re not into PvPing you can of course play the PvE content, either alone or with others, however it`s strongly recommended that you make friends in this game as experiencing it solo can be very tedious and might bore you to tears rather quickly.

The variety of activities that this game presents you with is astonishing. I could make a composition regarding this topic, but let me try to be brief as much as possible to not make this post too boring. Among cliche activities like gathering resources, shooting NPCs, trading and many others what you can focus on is e.g. corporate espionage achieved by sucessfully infiltrating a given corporation (a guild in most of other games of same genre) and then providing a valuable intelligence to others, either for profit or for your own evil deeds. Pirating in different solar systems, taking ransoms from innocent-as-a-sheep pilots who just want to be left alone and then collecting the "tears" as you blow their ships up after collecting the money.

http://swiftandbitter.com/eve/wtd/ - this link summarizes what can be done in EvE

And to make things even more interesting, or boring, depending on what your approach have been so far check out this enormous guide that depicts all major elements of the gameplay.


Probably by now you`ve noticed how immersive and complicated this game is. I`ve literally seen people quitting day one because the amount of information provided by the game was just too overwhelming for them. That might be your case, it might not. As a sidenote i`d like to add that Eve Online is directed towards mature community of gamers so most likely you won`t find 14 year olds playing this. What i can guarantee though that once you pull throught the massive amounts of information you`ll be fed with at the beginning EvE will appear much more approachable and will kill your free time like nothing out there on the market.

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Here are the list MMORPG that I've played so far are

I will put my opinions and see it for yourself if you will like it.

Cabal Online - It's a sci-fi MMORPG, good war room, nice skill animation and up to now I am still playing it

Aion - It's an old P2P game set in High detailed graphics now it's f2p if you played f2p there are lot's of things to do. lol having difficultyof playing it since the map is too big.

Diablo III - all I can say is awesome but when months pass by it's now rotten lol [no pvp up to now]

DC Universe - I am a fan of DC I made a character name Human Torch character but I get dizzy while playing this game.

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Jade Dynasty - A Perfect World game. It combines acient japanese culture with futuristic weapons and clothing. It allows an extensive range of rideable mounts and amazing quests. Of course, its Free2Play, but with the option of donating to recieve bonus coins, known as Jadeon.

I totally recommend this game, I've spent many nights missing sleep playing this game.


Have fun!!

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You can try Cabal or Aion - currently playing them both :3 about to try out Secret World, GW2, WoW Mists of Pandaria and RO2 as well heh
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For me, and I have played most MMO's Guild Wars 2 is superb. Great community, amazing MMO, great GFX and Gameplay and throws the rule book away, with innovative ideas and news ways to move the player through the story while having fun.

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Rift. It's the perfect game for anyone who's played a lot of MMO's in the past. It's close to flawless, trust me... this is the game everyone should be playing who's experienced in the MMO genre.
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E-Sim is what you want to be playing. http://primera.e-sim.org/lan.221772/
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League of Legends :)
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I recommend E-Sim 10800 active players and no pay involved. It is browser based and has a great community. Here is a link http://primera.e-sim.org/lan.221772/
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Most recomanded scifi mmo i can recomand is Anarchy online.

second place goes to Eve-Online(mostly for PVP players)

as for other mmos that are excllent but not scifi:

all of funcoms ones(age of conan and tsw),and Fallenearth is an excllent postapocalyptic mmo and mortal online if you like PVP hArdcore.

I also enjoyed playing requiem memento mori,which is a horror based mmo.

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Guys, come to play Dragon Born Online! Fantasy MMORPG Webgame! D&D Style! Extraordinary Graphic! Hardcore PVP! Free to play on Facebook! No need to register! Facebook App: https://www.facebook.com/dragonborngame/app_318345948281721