What Metroid should I get next?

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#1 Posted by Thiago26792 (11059 posts) -
I'm practically new to the Metroid series, but I have like them a lot so far. The only Metroid games I have played are Super Metoid and Metroid Prime 3 Corruption. Since I liked the concept and I want to get more into the series, I wanted to know what Metroid game do you think I should get next. You can mention any game from the NES to the GC.
#2 Posted by summer_star17x (2683 posts) -

Metroid Prime.

#3 Posted by BuryMe (22017 posts) -
You should get the other 2 metroid primes, and you need Metroid Zero Mission.
#4 Posted by krunkfu2 (4218 posts) -

Super Metroid, wait you've already played that the first prime, Metroid 2 for original Gameboy. Metroid Fusio was fun too.

You've basically played the best one though

#5 Posted by Robot_Vampire (875 posts) -
If you prefer the FPS Metroids then I would recommend Metroid Prime 2: Echoes as that is the best in the Metroid Prime trilogy I think, mainly because of the light/dark worlds. If you prefer the 2D side scrolling games then I would say get Metroid: Zero Mission for the GBA. It's a remake of the first game but with added stuff so you'll be playing the first game and gaining valuable plot info as well.
#6 Posted by trick6952 (1488 posts) -
Metroid Zero Mission if your into the side scrollers
#7 Posted by Thiago26792 (11059 posts) -
Ok, thanks. I'll see if I can find those games.
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Where would you get those games?
#9 Posted by Nick_DeLonge (191 posts) -
For good metroid old school games play the both on Game Boy advance, Fusion and Zero Mission, for good action try any of Metroid Prime, really cool graphics and a lot of action without losing the metroid escence
#10 Posted by Senor_T_Dub (274 posts) -
Or to sum up everyone's responses, play them all!
#11 Posted by Thiago26792 (11059 posts) -

Where would you get those games?StreetRacer91

I don't know, wherever I can find them.

#12 Posted by jalexbrown (11432 posts) -
Personally, I didn't care much for the Prime trilogy, but I'd play all of the old 2D ones. Super Metroid is good, but since you've played it, I'm going to suggest either one of the Metroid GBA games or, if you want something with crazy nostalgic value, pick up the original Metroid for the NES.
#13 Posted by Waffle_Fish (2074 posts) -
Zero Mission if you want another 2D one, Prime if you want another 3D one. Personally I would get Zero Mission, it was amazing
#14 Posted by LoG-Sacrament (20397 posts) -
metroid prime was probably my favorite game on gc. id definitely recommend it. plus i think it stays closer to its exploration roots than its more shooting-centric gc sequel.
#15 Posted by Cerussite (3084 posts) -
Get the rest of the Prime games. Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission are also good choices, and I'll recommend Metroid II just because it's so damned cheap. Metroid was really the weakest game in the series, but it's good nonetheless, so just pick it up on the VC or something.