What is your "Halloween game" this year?

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#51 Posted by fatooosh (726 posts) -

Terraria xbla

and outlast pc

#52 Edited by Floppy_Jim (25834 posts) -

Er...Okami HD? About as scary as a rabbit but I've had the game for months and need to finish it.

#53 Edited by turtlethetaffer (17223 posts) -

I'm thinking I might replay Silent Hill Downpour this year. Not sure yet.

#54 Edited by sukraj (24187 posts) -

@BranKetra said:

I do not celebrate Halloween.

why no celebrate

#55 Posted by BranKetra (50219 posts) -

@sukraj said:

@BranKetra said:

I do not celebrate Halloween.

why no celebrate

It is not my thing.

#56 Edited by coasterguy65 (6375 posts) -

I'm guessing I will play through the original Dead Space once I get done with Dragon Crown. Dead Space played in the dark, with surround, and headphones seems to be my traditional Halloween game.

#57 Posted by Telekill (5272 posts) -

Resident Evil Remake (Gamecube)

#58 Posted by Randolph (10542 posts) -

@Telekill said:

Resident Evil Remake (Gamecube)

Why the hell is Capcom still not DOING anything with that game? They are in such a dire financial situation, and they have easy money staring them right in the face with that one. Get it in HD, and get it up for download on all three consoles AND on Steam. Bam, easy money.

#59 Edited by Telekill (5272 posts) -

@Randolph: Agreed. That was the one HD collection I wanted (coupled with Zero) on PS3. I got none. *sad face*

Luckily, I kept my Gamecube version and my Wii plays Gamecube games.

#60 Edited by Sh00terMcGavin (25 posts) -

Resident Evil Code: Veronica. The setting and gameplay are just brilliant survival horror.

#61 Posted by AllDATanNsum (25 posts) -

I think I might just pull out the ole' GameCube, and play Metroid 2 Prime Echos. That game had some sweaty palmed moments that stressed me out, to me it's scarier and faster paced than most Zombie games. Anyone?

#62 Posted by MirkoS77 (8597 posts) -

@Bigboi500 said:

Puppeteer. The game is deliciously insane.

Yea it is. What were they smoking.....

Myself, I haven't played RE4 in a year or so and it fits the mood, so yea.....

#63 Posted by PyratRum (558 posts) -

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare has been my go to the last couple of years.

I usually play through the week up to Halloween, as I usually spend the actual night getting hammered while in a silly costume.

#64 Edited by -INKling- (4237 posts) -

@SirSlimyScrotum said:

Dante's Inferno.

If your username was a game, it would be that one!

#65 Posted by mufujifi (527 posts) -

I don't celebrate Halloween and neither do I have a game for the event, but thanks to Steam's current sale, I'm playing Typing of the Dead: Overkill.

Only thing scary is how campy the game is. I'm enjoying it a lot though.

#66 Posted by sukraj (24187 posts) -

@BranKetra said:

@sukraj said:

@BranKetra said:

I do not celebrate Halloween.

why no celebrate

It is not my thing.

Ok that's fair enough.