What is your favorite Pokemon game?

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What is your favorite pokemon game? I'm not really looking for one, I'm just curious as to what people will answer. So feel free to let me know, who knows maybe I'll look at it and enjoy it myself! :D

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Pokemon Gold

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Pearl......Let the hate commence *sigh*

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Hey my moto is "Every man to his own" so no worries, if you like it there's no problem with it, thanks for posting!

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pokemon sapphire and pearl

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Crystal > Ruby > Diamond > White > Red

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It's a tie between Blue/Silver/Emerald. Everything after that was average.

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Sapphire, everything about it is just perfect.

I also really enjoyed Pokémon Colosseum. One of the most underrated (Pokemon) games ever.

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Heart Gold and Soul Silver on the DS. Before these were released, it was the original Gold and Silver, but the DS enhancements made them a lot more enjoyable.

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Heart Gold and Soul Silver on the DS. Before these were released, it was the original Gold and Silver, but the DS enhancements made them a lot more enjoyable.


I agree, the remake was a great improvement. And the fact that they allowed you to access the Kanto region in the remakes, as you could in the originals, makes them better in every way. I also really like the Gen II pokemon. Gold and Silver were my first pokemon games so there's a big nostalgia factor there, but Gens I and II have my favorite pokes.

For me it goes(not including remakes and spin-offs):

1. Gold

2. White

3. Red

4. Ruby

5. Diamond

I'm almost done with Pokemon Black 2, but I'm not including that.

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Originally Pokemon Silver, now SoulSilver. I'm thinking of doing another play through after I finish White 2.
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1. Red/Blue

2. Gold/Silver

3. Diamond/Pearl

4. White/Black

5. Sapphire/Ruby

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Heart Gold

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Emerald, Firered, and Gold.
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2nd Gen so Crystal or SSilver.

Still the best in my opinion.

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Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal.
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My favorite was the last one I ever played: Emerald

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Probably the Heartgold/ soulsilver remakes or Black/ White. I love them all, though. Except for the first ones. They are so ridiculously outdated and have been surpassed/ obsolete since Gold and Silver.

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Leafgreen takes the cake... I can still play that game, the new pokemon games(Black and White) are boring to me.

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Heartgold, since it's a remake of Gold, which would be the best Pokemon if didn't have a remake.
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A lot of people seem to like Gold and I recently got Pokemon Gold and a Gameboy Color, I wanted to keep track of my playthrough and major stuff that happened so that when I was done I could look back at it, My updates on my playthrough are in a blog on my profile, if you wanna see how it goes too go check it out :D so far I really like it!

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Pokemon Gold/Silver

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Pokemon Yellow & Pokemon Crystal, those were the days.

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Pokemon Firered, also really enjoyed Black but haven't played it enough.
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Fire Red/Leaf Green

I have absolutely no interest in the Pokemon after #251. Literally, none. I ignored the pokemon higher than #251 in FR/LG, but it's still my favorite game in the category. (Maybe it's because I started with the original Pokemon Blue...my brother had the Red version.)

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Gen 2 and it's remakes

followed by gen 1 remakes

followed by gen 3

haven't played gen 4 or 5

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Pokemon Colosseum as an honourable mention, anyone?

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Emerald because of all the end game content it has.