What is your favorite Grand Theft Auto?

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Posted by rigbybot127 (149 posts) 1 year, 3 months ago

Poll: What is your favorite Grand Theft Auto? (91 votes)

Grand Theft Auto III 9%
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 27%
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 30%
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories 0%
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories 2%
Grand Theft Auto IV 8%
Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned 0%
Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony 0%
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars 3%
Grand Theft Auto V 22%

What is your favorite game in the Grand Theft Auto series? Objectively, V is by the best in the series, as well as the best open-world game ever made. For me, however, I'd say that IV is my favorite. IV has a top-notch narrative, set in a highly atmospheric gamespace, with some of the best acting, writing, direction, and mission structure ever put into a game. And despite what people say, the driving is phenomenally fun. Hell, the physics alone are fun to play around with, and rampage.

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San Andreas was my vote.

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As far as features go, San Andreas blew me away with all the new things you could partake in as well as the sheer size. Still my vote has to go to Vice City, the Miami 80's setting is what sells it and I can't wait to go back.

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The one and only... San Andreas.

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I'm going to have to say that GTA V is my favorite one yet.

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I love GTAV, but I honestly gotta say San Andreas really is the classic that brought GTA to such hights unimaginable.

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Having a blast with GTA V, but my vote would be GTA 3. It made the biggest impact on gaming. Everything else was just a copy and paste with added features here and there.

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I was going to say San Andreas for nostalgia sake, since I spent SO many good hours on it. But imo GTAV is a better game and I'll be putting just as much hours into it. So I voted GTAV

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Vice City has my favorite story, San Andreas has my favorite atmosphere (that early 90s vibe is so nostalgic).

GTA V is my favorite game. My favorite characters aswell.

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1. Vice city 2. San Andreas 3. Chinatown wars..... GTA V my biggest disappointment all year... looks great in trailers plays like SHIT.

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V easily

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iV at the moment but I have not played V yet so that could change.

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@mattykovax said:

iV at the moment but I have not played V yet so that could change.

Play it wot r u waiting for.

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Vice City, GTA 2, Chinatown Wars and The Ballad of Gay Tony are still my favourites

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@sukraj: have to get another PS3, getting one in december.

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Why is GTA Advance omitted from the list? It was my favorite GTA of all time until this month. GTA Online is now the best online experience of all time. It has everything from deathmatches and other vs mp modes to co op missions, all the way down to nonviolent pasttimes like parachuting and car/plane/boat races.

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gta 3

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San Andreas...

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San Andreas and GTA III are my favorites, in that order

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San Andreas, hands down. No debate or thoughts to consider. It's my favorite GTA game, it's probably my favorite open world game (tied with Saints Row 2) and it sits proudly in my top 10 of all time. JETPACK!

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gta 3. I liked the characters you worked for the best and it was the first open world sandbox I played. it blew my mind

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I have yet to play Vice City, Vice City Stories, or GTAV. But of those I have played, I was most impressed with San Andreas.

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GTAIV is my favourite although I haven't played V yet because I'm trying to holdout for the next gen versions.

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Vice City is easily my favorite, I don't think it will ever change. The cast were terrific, the story was awesome and the soundtrack is the best in out of all GTA games. So much to do even after you beat the game, I must have 100% it over a dozen times.

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As much as I liked Vice City and San Andreas, I'm going with GTA V as my favorite.

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Its San Andreas for me.

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Why have you divided GTA IV and its DLC?

But those 3 are my favorites and i know GTA IV have received some critic but imo its the best GTA game so far , even better than cartoon GTA V.

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@GodModeEnabled said:

San Andreas was my vote.

no love for GTA V.

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GTA V is the greatest and probably the best. But every GTA game was awesome for it's time. It's not fair to compare them as far as graphics or the possibilities, but I really liked Vice City, so my vote goes to Vice City. Also San Andreas was awesome. Now playing GTA V and loving it.

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San Andreas for the size, setting, variety and crazy things to do. Only started GTA 5 today so it's too early to tell how it stacks up.

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San Andreas = Last Gen

GTA V = This Gen

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GTA: San Andreas.

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Chinatown Wars still is my favorite. Can't get enough of that drug dealing.

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So many opinions. I enjoyed Vice City over all of the other games. The series seemed to have climbed further and further up its own ass as things progressed. Can't speak for GTA5, but GTA4 felt tedious and pretentious to me. It was a chore trying to finish it.

#37 Posted by dannyodwyer (1943 posts) -

I adore V, I think it's my new favourite.

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San Andreas.

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San Andreas, the epitome of the series. I'm still surprised they were able to fit all of that on the PS2.

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SA because MTA is great

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San Andreas. I don't understand how can people prefer Vice City to San Andreas. The only good thing was that Tommy Vercetti was like a pixelated Al Pacino, but San Andreas had them planes, gangsters, casinos and a lot of stuff to do.

#42 Posted by mjf249 (2861 posts) -

Vice City. Going back to the 80s, the music, story, and characters just blew me away than any other GTA game.

#43 Posted by Ballroompirate (23279 posts) -

Have to go with

1. GTA V


3. GTA Vice City

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V just brought everything that was needed into the game, all past discrepencies are resolved with this installment. However if San Andreas wasn't around, we wouldn't have childhood memories to return to.

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I'd like to play GTAV, but to be honest, I have never played GTA... Well, San Andreas briefly at a buddies house, but that was about it xD

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Man! This is a tough one. I "gots mad love" for the first top-down view GTA1. I always felt that GTA2 wasn't as fun a game as the first one. I remember when GTA3 was released. It was like the game I always wanted! GTA4 was, for me, a huge letdown. I didn't enjoy it and felt the multiplayer portion was lame and cheap. GTA5 is close up there. The Online component of the game is like the GTA-experience I always wanted: running around in a big city creating havoc and lifting cars with my sweet chopper. It is a great game, no doubt about that, but it fails me on some very important issues. One of them being the music... It's a close race, but I have to say "GTA3: Vice City" :)

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Without a doubt, Grand theft auto III. It is the only game in the franchise that has not only innovative, but created such a quantum leap in the industry that other games are trying to emulate to this day. Is it dated by today's standards? Of course, yet it remains the only gta that has completely changed the way we play video games. I still imagine buying gta 3 and being astonished and amazed at how lively the city was, at the next evolution in gaming. Since then the franchise has remained near flawless, but no game has stunned me. GTA 4 is the only disappointment, because I expecting more of a next generation gta game, and got a smaller version of Gta:Sa.

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1. GTA V

2. GTA: SA

3. GTA: VC

4. GTA: CW


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GTA V is the best GTA, but if you have huge nostalgia from Vice City or San Andreas, that's moreso your issue than Rockstar's fault.

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@drekula2: what you said makes no sense, how is nostalgia a bad thing?