What Is the Most Important Part of A Game To You?

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What Is the Most Important Part of A Game To You?

BTW, GameSpot really needs to make more poll options than just 5.

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Gameplay, so I guess controls. If I don't like how my character handles and/or how the combat is designed, I'm not playing the game. I couldn't care less about superficial fluff like story, especially when the gameplay isn't there.

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Controls. You can have the game getting all the other great features like good graphics, sound and level design but if the controls are broken then the entire game is ruined.

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Everything goes hand in hand, it's all equally important. 

Everything has to be good and evened out, except in the case of story, it can be paper thin like in Mario.  But even then that paper thin layer has to be handled well, and if there is a story it can't be bad, or at least it can't take itself seriously.

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The artwork on the case

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It depends on the genre for me. For action, platformers, shmups, racers the level design and controls are equally important. The game play is the most important thing in general. The gameplay and design are just important in general. Perfect controls won't help a game if I'm fighting the same brain dead enemies over and over again in boring corridors, Now for JRPGs or adventure games(whether it's point n' click or more current like Heavy Rain/Walking Dead) that have a lot of dialogue and/or cut scenes I also find the story important, maybe not quite as much as gameplay but pretty close.
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Good controls and running at a reasonable frame rate are probably the two most important things for me. AI that's challenging but fair is also important.
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How about all the above.

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I might be in the minority here but I would say level-design. For one, you can make games with the most crappy controls seem fun or less unbearable with the right design. If you make the game around the controls you can gain great things. Look at some old school actual retro gaming systems and how people still play them today. The controls make the game fun and encourage you with some of them to gain skills. Controls seems to be winning as of this post which makes no sense to me. Putting games with good controls in a badly desgined game or level is disaterous and it has been proven many times. Graphics can help a lot, but if you have pretty trees on top of an igloo riding a giraffe than graphics don't matter. It's how you desgin the levels. it all goes back to level design.
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I don't really like questions like these because games are complex and they need a good mix of many different elements to really "work".

It also greatly varies by genre. I don't give a f*ck about the story in a fighting game but in a JRPG it's a pretty important element of the game.

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Gameplay. Bad gameplay, bad game for me. Plain and simple. After that it would be story, I like a good lengthy story.

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Like several others mentioned, the gameplay (or The Controls poll option). I can have fun with a quick round of Angry Birds, turn around and play Battlefield 3 online, go back and play Super Mario Bros or Duck Tales (or many other NES games), then play some Crysis, then play something like Turltes In Time on SNES, and so on and so on, with the main thing being controls that respond how they're supposed to, they're intuitive-enough that I don't have to guess what I'm supposed to do to perform a certain action. Great controls allow me to feel more like I'm a part of the experience - the actions of the character were directly influenced by my input.
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Controls. You can have the game getting all the other great features like good graphics, sound and level design but if the controls are broken then the entire game is ruined.




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imo Controls>Story>Level-Design>Graphics (and no, I'm not one of the people that says graphics don't matter, they do, but something had to be in last place, right?)
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Story and graphics are nice to have, but controls are the basic necessity of any game. After that would be level design. And I also love a good soundtrack!
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The level design because the controls are never THAT bad and you can adapt to them fast. I only ever get frustrated in games by level design or bad checkpoints/saves
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In this order..

Controls/Combat >  Level Design > Music > Framerate > Graphics > Story

If my movement in a game doesn't feel good within the realm of the game then I probably won't enjoy it.  For example, if Megaman X moved like Simon Belmont in his respective game, MMX would be a sh!t game, and likewise, if Simon moved like X the game would feel far too easy and negate a lot of the great level design.

If I'm going to be playing your game for a long time, it better have some good tunes to listen to.  Nothing irritates me more then hearing sh!t music while trying to enjoy my game.

I really ran out of things to put in the list, so framerate.  I enjoy fast and or precise gameplay the most, and I can't do that if the game plays like a slideshow.

The rest I don't give two damns about.

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The gameplay, the way your avatar interacts with the game. If you look at a lot of the early games during the 8 & 16-bit gen, they had terrible graphics (for today's standards) and most of the time there was no story. For Super Mario Bros all the story was was saving to princess. All that mattered was that the game had fun gameplay. Music is very important too. If the original Super Mario Bros was a silent game missing it's soundtrack would it have had the same impact? The answer is no. When you hear the Mario theme song today everyone and their grandma knows what it is.
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Controls and then level design in general.

#21 Posted by AcidSoldner (7051 posts) -
Gameplay mechanics. No point in playing a game if it isn't fun. Everything else is secondary.
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Character Development.

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Level design and control make up core gameplay so I am going to go w/ a mix of those two (picked level design in the poll). Next most important is probably music and then artstyle, which create most of the atmosphere or any kind of feel that goes beyond gameplay. After that, I guess story is next most important but all this changes depending on genre. If I am picking up a visual novel type game, it's all about music and story and controlls are secondary, for example.

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Story is my favorite part of a game, but the most important part of a game for me is how it feels when it is being played. Controls, level/character design, pacing; these are all things that a good game cannnot be without.

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Out of that poll controls over level design. But really I want to say the overall gameplay: which is a mixture of the mechanics, the controls, the pacing, and level design working in harmony. If that sucks, the game sucks. It's really all it comes down to.
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graphics and level design.

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Gameplay ans Story

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I really has to do with the gameplay for me. As long as the controls are not sloppy and the story is half-way decent, I can pretty much play it all the way through.
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Gameplay in general means more than anything else to me. If a game looks terrible, but controls great, I'll enjoy it. If a game looks amazing, but controls like garbage, I'm not going to be picking up the controller again.

Controls always mean the most to me. I can play a terrible-looking game as long as the controls are smooth and responsive, while giving me a wide variety of actions to perform or ways to conquer an obstacle. Level-Design is second on the list. If the levels are designed well, it only serves to compliment a great control scheme. What's the point of great jumping controls if the level is composed of a flat area and platforms you aren't required to use? I always bunched controls and level-design into the "gameplay" category, so those 2 are, above all else, the most important aspect of a game.

Graphics, Story, Sound, etc., they are all important, but just generally less-important than the gameplay. I'm sure we all have a game in our favorites list that we always find ourselves playing or wanting to play, but looks terrible, or has a bad story, or really bland music. These are features that only serve to make a good game great. Gameplay forms the foundation of any good game, and the aesthetic features serve to bolster the game in your mind. A truly great game does well in all categories.

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Actual gameplay and level design matter most.

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sp? atmosphere

mp? controls(no input lag), lots of hp, lots of different playstyles, mouse aiming heavy, community(lots of bossy people is always a plus), absolute clear visibility(r_picmip style stuff), that would all fall into gameplay but all mp games fall into that

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Gameplay and story.
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The artwork on the case

Damn straight.
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The story.
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On reflection it largely depends on the individual genre.

Sound, level design and graphics for example for a survival horror game, and story, characters, world design, presentation and art style for an RPG or Strategy RPG. Gameplay in general is probably important for all games, since you need to actually enjoy them and keep going back for more.

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Level design and control.

Level design is something I've always been really picky about and has been a deal breaker for me with many MANY games.

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Story is really important, especially in an RPG. I never got far in FFXIII because the characters werent appealing at all.
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Controls, like trying to drive a car without a steering wheel.
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My answer applies more towards newer games.  With that, the atmosphere is so important to me now.  I really like to be immersed in the games, and a great atmosphere really allows that to happen.  Of course the story is an important aspect as well, but I love getting lost in a great setting!

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Breast Physics.

Kidding, I would say mechanics followed by story...

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Breast Physics.MonkeySpot

This is incredibly important imo :D

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Breast Physics.Dudersaper

This is incredibly important imo :D


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Controls, nothing gets me more pissed than this! :P one of the reasons I can't stand Twisted Metal sometimes, but I still have all 4 for PS1, just sitting there when I'm bored. Also the old NES games with their stiff jumping controls, followed by Banjo Kazooie and Tooie, the flying controls are so awful :( I'm finished ranting...:oops:
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Breast Physics.MonkeySpot

This is incredibly important imo :D


What the heck Monkey! :D