What happene to Lufia?

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I just discovered this charming little RPG for the SNES. Alot like final fantasy, this game was published by Taito and later Square. I guess a new one was released in Japan for the DS in 2010. I think this was a sleeper hit of the 16 bit era that really get the credit it desearved and over shadowed by FF.

Anyone here play these games and what did you think of them? I got sucked into it right away. It had bright colors and a good lay out. Simple save the world story, I really like it. The 16-bit RPG's are my favorite.

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Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals is the greatest game of all time. Curse of the Sinistrals is a horrible remake that should be avoided. Lufia II is actually a prequel to the first game in the series, Lufia and the Fortress of Doom. Fortress of Doom is a quality game but is a bit crude in comparison to Rise of the Sinistrals. Lufia: The Legend Returns is the third game in the series. It was for Game Boy Color and it was the last "true" Lufia game. The Ruins of Lore is a mediocre non-canon sidestory on Game Boy Advance which was not developed by Neverland (the makers of all other Lufias). The only other is the aforementioned Lufia II remake/hackjob on DS. The original three games are great, though I and III are nowhere near the level of II.
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Hear Hear! Lufia 2 is worth a playthrough.
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Lufia II was okay, I never did get around to finishing it.

It's most noteworthy aspect IMO was its puzzle elements. I got stumped on a few, one in particular that was a real son of a b!tch. Great stuff there. As far as everything else? Ehhh bout what you expect. Definitely agree with the statement that it was overlooked in the 16 bit era. But for me it was an "ehhhhhh" kinda game. But I do respect that it was a great game, just didn't have what I thought to be enough appeal to warrant a full playthrough.

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I have tried to play through Lufia a few times, and I keep getting lost/stuck in the desert I think. Can't remember if that happened the last time or if I just stopped playing, but someday I will finish that game. And THEN on to Lufia II.

I always thought Lufia had a lot of charm to it. Loved the music and the towns as well.

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I just played through the first Lufia a couple months ago, great game. It got repetitive after a while and it was a bit easy but overall it was a fun game with good music and a great story. I want to get the second one sometime as I've heard it's a lot better than the first one.

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There are four games in the series altogether: 2 on the SNES, 1 on the GBC, 1 on the GBA. The DS game is a remake of Lufia II. Lufia II Rise of the Sinistrals is the best of the series, the remake for the DS was good but I prefer the original. The first game is pretty good as well. Ruins of Lore for the GBA was decent but nothing special really. I never played the one on GBC.
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Hear Hear! Lufia 2 is worth a playthrough.N8A
This might be the understatement of the century. Lufia 2 is amazing and I can't recommend it highly enough. It's a great game which I spent many hours of my childhood playing, and I'm lucky enough to own it now as an adult. I've heard the DS remake is bad, but I'll probably still buy it, no one has justified why its bad to me, yet.
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lufia I & II are epic, lufia on gba is suprisingly solid despite alot of it being randomly generated. lufia on DS is actually a big letdown. should have jsut remade two which is simply an amazing game