what game should I play

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cant decide maybe you guys can help

I was thinking of these ones

Devil may cry (new one)

either Zelda skyward sword, windwaker or twilight princess

God of war 3


so guys what you think?

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Journey simpl because its shortest and easiest to beat.

GoW 3 because, well again, it's short and easy to beat.

Then Skyward Sword.

Then DMC

2 older zelda's last. I think it would be a good change of pace this way.

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skyrim and crysis 3

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Journey is way overpriced. It may be an oustanding "game" but an 1-2 hour experience doesn't justify that price, especially if you consider that with the same money you can buy the other games you listed (except DMC). I'd say go for either GOW3 or Zelda TP/SS, and wait for DMC's price to drop, as it seems Capcom is once again trying to pull the on-disc overpriced DLC crap on us
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If you play Zelda SS you should be taking your time for it, so I would wait with that one.
Zelda WW will get a remake, so don't play that one yet.
Playing two Zelda's in a short notice is a bit much. So I would go for Zelda SS at the end of your list.

Journey is very short but should be played through in one go, and is also a game you should be taking your time for.
I would not recommend playing Journey and a Zelda game in a row.

GOW3 is a lighter experience that you can enjoy in many ways. Small bursts or in some long sittings.
DMC is probably a game that will take some time because you want to get good at it.

I would say, start with GOW3.
Then Journey.
Then play DMC.
And then Zelda SS.

Oh d. I figured you wanted to play all four of them.
If you don't, then I would go for Zelda SS and just taking it real slow.
Maybe Journey afterward.
And then see what you feel like playing.

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