What game did you just finish (and what did you think?)

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This thread is similar to the "what are you playing now" thread but is designed for people to post and discuss their thoughts on games they just finished. Doesn't matter how old the game is; if you've knocked it off post your thoughts and opinions here so the community can benefit.

To start us of I just finished Saints Row IV... a few days after I started it. I was slow to like the series as I'm not a GTA fan and didn't really like Saints 1 or 2. LOVED number 3 so I had high expectations for 4 which may have proved my downfall. The game had hilarious moments which left me laughing out loud on many occasions (From Asha With Love in particular) but all of the world activities" got boring really fast. What made it worse was that almost all the side quests just involved doing these same activities. Speak to NPC, clear activity A, clear activity B, clear activity C, go back to NPC. It all felt like filler.

Great game but not as good as #3 and, unless you really love it or are after achievements/trophies, I'd advise to just stick with the primary missions.

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I just finished Vanquish on ps3. Got it free from ps plus way back. For the 5 1/2 hours it took me to finish it which is short, I must say it was a blast the whole way through. Non stop action.

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Finished GTA5 a week or so ago. It was very much a GTA game. It was shorter than most, but considering I bought it strictly for GTAO, I can't really claim to be disappointed.

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Honestly, I'm so amped up for next-gen, I've had a hard time sitting down with anything lately (probably have spent more time modding for Skyrim). But I did just finish Beyond. I enjoyed it and am happy to see people trying to push gaming narratives that don't simply revolve around violence. Been trying to get back into Fallout: NV, so I've spent a lot of time searching through mods, trying to find a good ENB preset and lighting set-up.

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finished Pokemon Y a few days ago. To summarize my review, overall great, although the fact that it relies so much on old Pokemon is disappointing. Overall, though, worth playing.

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I hear you with NV. I've gone that route (and ended up not playing it) a few times now. Not sure why as Fallout 3 was a great game and I played that mod free... numerous times!

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@Chickan_117 said:

I hear you with NV. I've gone that route (and ended up not playing it) a few times now. Not sure why as Fallout 3 was a great game and I played that mod free... numerous times!

With making indoors so realistically dark, I'm having fun with these assault rifle mods with silencers and dot sights and an ENB that actually allows me to use working nightvision goggles. Not my favorite ENB preset (a little over-saturated for my tastes), but I can use nightvision. So the mods are helping.

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Saints Row The Third was the most recent game i finished. I liked it a lot

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TLOU, pretty fucking great game, but I hated it. And Beyond, Pretty fucking great "game", I loved it.

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I just did manage Wind Waker HD. Barely. The last dozen hours or so just drag on and on, it's a lot of drudgery and slogging along. It was completely unenjoyable for the bulk of my play time. Very pretty, but in terms of actual gameplay and pacing, it fell woefully short of my expectations for a Zelda game. I admire that they tried to fine tune the game a bit, but honestly, everything from the obtaining of the master sword on forward needed to be thrown out completely and redesigned from the ground up.

Easily my least favorite Zelda game of all time.

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So they didn't do anything about the time you spend sailing around on the ocean? :(

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Grand Theft Auto V, I thought it was a masterpeice, 10/10. It really shows how terrible GTA IV can look when comparing it to other games.

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TLoU for like the 10th time. Literally. And I'm going to try survivor next. Love this game, not perfect but 10/10 for me.

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I actually have not finished a game for a while. I keep finding a game I did not buy when it was released and then getting it or I simply make another addition to my game collection. I am currently alternating between TESV: Skyrim and Uncharted 3.

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Lego: Lord of the Rings, after watching reviews it is even better than I was expecting it to be. So much to do and such a massive area to explore, it's the only lego game I've played. 10/10.

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Far cry 3, wasn't disappointed. Reminded me of the original far cry . loved the characters especially Vaas and Buck.. Worth giving a try !

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Fable1. It was a treasured experience. The gorgeous storybook art style and the aging and evolving over time was just what I felt like at the time.

Point of advise, don't ever sell your videogames, I was uninterested in my copy of fable the lost chapters for 5 years until I suddenly felt like playing it again and finishing it off. Happens a lot, now it's one of my favourite videogames I've played.

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The Last Of Us Last night and thought the Story was the best yet and better then some TV programs out there too. Took a while to get into it though as played it twice be for and got as far as the quarantine zone at the beginning as I found that bit abit boring. But at the 3rd go I stuck to it and after The Outskirts it became interesting and could not put it down.

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Red Dead Redemption on PS3. A couple of hours ago. 10/10 points.

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I just finally made it though Nuclear Throne, damn this little game is a fun one! Near the end it's almost like a bullet-hell game but not quite as ridiculous. Fun game, but man it's hard to get through level 3-3.

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Just finished Dead Space 2 again and i cant stop to think how inferior it is compared to the original Dead Space. Currently playing Dead Space 3 (again) and The Witcher 2 (again).

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resident evil: code veronica - awesome game. i'm trying to play re6 (right now) and it's not even close how much better CV is.

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i finished gone home a few days ago. i'm still writing my review for it, but i like the game a lot. the way it manages to develop all these characters and build suspense through the level design is really special. even just telling the kind of story that it did was pretty special.

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The last game I finished was Tomb Raider. Good game, too bad there was no New Game+ option.

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Grand Theft Auto V. I loved it despite what some say. I just got disappointed with the multiplayer, I was expecting more after all the hype.

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Just finished Damnation and it was crap.

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@buccomatic said:

resident evil: code veronica - awesome game. i'm trying to play re6 (right now) and it's not even close how much better CV is.

I remember being stuck on that cargo plane bit for months! :) Was still an awesome game though; the suspense and atmosphere in it were amazing

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Clive Barker's Undying, it was a nice mix of shooter and horror. Nice length as well, at about 10 hours or so it didn't feel too short or overstay it's welcome.

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I beat Batman: Arkham Asylum last weekend and it was great! Graphics were very nice, story was somewhat interesting and gameplay was fun and had lot's of extras for those people who like to solve puzzles. Would recommend for just about anyone.