What franchises should Microsoft bring back?

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This and AOE

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Wasn't their supposed to be a new Kingdom Under Fire game? I had that on the original Xbox, and it was insane. They made one on the PS3/360 generation, but it was terrible. I'd also like to see them bring back one of their under appreciated original games from the first Xbox, Voodoo Vince.

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What The F%#&\ ! ! !

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Personally, I'd like to see an xbox "classic pack". For $60, you could get 10 of the most iconic xbox games on 1 or 2 discs. I miss the days of story-focused single player gameplay. With Titanfall being the first groundbreaking game of the next gen, it's obvious that Microsoft will be shifting focus to more of these multiplayer campaign games, which is bad news for people like me that don't really like playing online with people you don't know, especially when said person could affect your gameplay experience. I'd like to see Conker brought back. Copies of Live & Reloaded are hard to come by and demand usually $30+ for a copy in OK condition. Also, even though it was technically a 360 release, I wouldn't mind if they took another crack at Perfect Dark, as long as they don't dishonor and insult the original N64 classic again like they did with Zero.

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Yeah I think it would be a good idea for Microsoft to try encourage more Japanese developers to release games on the system exclusively, much like the early Xbox days when a lot of the projects that were headed for the Dreamcast were swooped up by Microsoft. It'd help the Xbox gain some sort of relevance in Japan, while diversifying their library and dispelling the notion that Xbox is all about the 'dude bros'.

I doubt Microsoft will do it though, they seem OK with just ignoring that whole side of the market altogether

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Age of empires.

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Windows XP.

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This guy. He was legendary.

Mr. Z~Kun

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This game yeah ^_^