What does the videogame future look like to you?

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Posted by RichardGamingo (33 posts) 7 months, 8 days ago

Poll: What does the videogame future look like to you? (9 votes)

a lot more popular 44%
a little growth in popularity 0%
about the same 22%
less popular 33%
in 75 years people will say "wtf is a videogame"? 0%


So today's thread is about whether videogames are as popular as they ever will be, or if they have pretty much reached their maximum. Over the years, videogames have grown from an extremely nerdy niche (learning to set up your videogame and figuring out the control and all that was like learning to be a carpenter back in the earliest days of gaming), to very popular. Hell, even a lot of girls enjoy videogames these days.

How do you see the future of videogames? Will we all eventually 'grow out of them' or will the opposite happen-- and society will grow 'in' to videogames and practically everyone is playing -- or living? -- a videogame?

Why would we all be hooked-in to a videogame? Why won't we be in 50 years when might be doing all of the work?

Or will about the same number as today continue to work in cubicles and go home to play videogames after?

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#1 Posted by speedfog (3112 posts) -

A lot more popular. With the VR coming out.

#2 Posted by Kevlar101 (6101 posts) -

Fuck the VR.

Fuck shitty changes.

Just keep is simple. jesus fucking christ

#3 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (11424 posts) -

Kevlar makes a good point.

#4 Posted by TTUalumni13 (483 posts) -

I see it getting less popular for a time. Consoles and game budgets are getting more and more expensive to make, meaning failure can lead to company closures, massive layoffs, etc. last gen we saw a ton of devs go out of business, and more and more publishers learning towards mainstream and casual games only because it was a safe buck. It's not a sustainable practice.

#5 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (11424 posts) -

Alot of Studios were shut down in the last 3 years. Hate it when that happens.

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It is true that as the videogame industry becomes more mature the biggest companies will tend to start gobbling up smaller ones and other companies will go out of business. This brings to mind the consolidation of business that has happened over the past, well, forever of human history.

Videogames are a pretty interesting because the Indie Devs can always come in and make waves, so long as they can make their voices heard.

So while a lot of companies closed, tons of indie devs entered the scene. Is it a good trade off? Depends on your opinion of where gaming needs to go next -- bigger budget, more resource demanding development of next-gen, or if graphics are largely good enough and infact old skool graphics are quite popular -- so up with the indie devs!