What choices did you make in The Walking Dead Episode 1 ? (HUGE SPOILERS)

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#1 Posted by Blake135 (3994 posts) -

Can't think of minor choices but these are the major ones I remember. I saved Duck, Got Ken to hit that old bastard, Didn't give the dying women the gun, and saved Doug. All in all I think I made some decent choices but I will reply it a few times to see how it changes.

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-left during the Day.

-(Tried to) Save Shawn.

-Tell the old fart off.

-Didn't give the dying women the gun.

-Save the dame.

Overall, I think I made the right choices- even through I knew Shawn zombification's canon.

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as soon as i realized there is no option to invert the y axis, i chose not to play it

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Shawn dies if you try to save him or not, it seems some things you can't change no matter what choice you make. I guess it changes your relationship with certain people. Love episode 1 and can't wait for the rest of the game.