What are your favourite rhythm games?

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#1 Posted by Kelayr (61857 posts) -
My favourite would be the Taiko no Tatsujin series! It's a Japanese drumming game series which has seen releases on quite a number of platforms. I play it regularly at a local arcade, along with various console releases on my PS2, PSP, and DS. Here's a picture of it in an arcade:  How about the rest of you?
#2 Posted by -Toshy- (1354 posts) -
Have been playing StepMania for a little over 5 years now. I'm too cheap to buy a decent pad, so I just stick with the keyboard.

inb4 the purists
#3 Posted by hotdiddykong (2048 posts) -

I LOVE the Rhythm Heaven Series

#4 Posted by saturnfireflie (96 posts) -
  • I first got into rhythm games with the Project Diva series.
    Singing-robot fun! And if you like to import games from foreign countries, I find that the easiest ones to play are the rhythm ones..
    So this title at first was very easy to pick up..Cannot wait to play the next installment on the VITA.
  • Then I tried Rhythm Heaven on the wii.. liked it so much I had to buy its predecessor on the DS..
    Now I can play at home and on the go (^___^).
    Really want the one for GBA.. but its expensively out-of-print
  • Finally, never thought I would try it, but once I put Just Dance 3 on I couldn't stop playing it..
    Neither can my friends (when I invite them over I first have to force them to play one song, then they get into it and want to keep going)..
#5 Posted by Noteldnep (20167 posts) -
I do enjoy Guitar Hero at home, and when I'm away from home I like Dance Dance Revolution at my local mall.
#6 Posted by campzor (34932 posts) -
bust a groove/move ps1
#7 Posted by AkramFakir (1 posts) -
Love to play the Heaven series
#8 Posted by Spinnerweb (2944 posts) -
The Hatsune Miku: Project Diva games :D
#9 Posted by Frieza99 (228 posts) -
Rhythm Heaven Fever
#10 Posted by killerband55 (107961 posts) -

my favorite is Rock Band 3

#11 Posted by the9thinning (652 posts) -

it's gotta be rock band but I'm kinda exited fot the new FF rythym game

#12 Posted by jedimasterss (10 posts) -

mine would elite beat agents for ds. That was a great game played for hours on that. But also enjoyed the ddr games.

#13 Posted by JedTheSped (2 posts) -
It didn't sell very well, but DJ Hero has to be one of my favorites. Definitely the only good Hero game of 2009. Also I'd have to say that Amplitude is another favorite. It's the predecessor to Rock Band Unplugged in terms of playing every instrument in a band and switching off between them, but it has a slight cyberpunk aesthetic. Maybe also Rocksmith. I love Rocksmith.
#14 Posted by cepsceps (1 posts) -
Lately I've been playing Rhythm Sheep and I'm really into it! It's quite simple game for android, but surprisingly fun and addictive. Worth a try! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=turskagames.rhythmsheep.free
#15 Posted by SimonLoom (1 posts) -
I have played lots of Frets On Fire (a guitar hero clone) and Synaesthete on my PC. I loved Pata Pon on the PSP and currently I am into FLOW - A Space Drum Saga on Android. Those are all great games, and except for Pata Pon they are all free!
#16 Posted by suwoduu (25 posts) -
I played DJmax 3 and Hot Tunes. I am also playing Rock Band Unplugged.
#17 Posted by Kannaaashi (14 posts) -
o2 jam.. haha! super old yet it is still the first rhythm game that I played >.
#18 Posted by Gamertag-TFTW (2240 posts) -

ddr ultramix 2 was the holy grail for me. ultramix 3 and 4 and to a lesser extent the first one as well as universe and universe 2. supernova 2 as well.

#19 Posted by rigzzsy (349 posts) -

ooh gitaroo man

#20 Posted by mawsmedia (1 posts) -
I like sing-along games like Jolly Jingle. I play it in my iPad. Playing it again since Christmas season is coming.
#21 Posted by Lolaswift (6 posts) -
Like Smule
#22 Posted by firefox234 (23 posts) -

I loved Rock Band 2.

#23 Posted by LightEffect (63 posts) -

Rockband 2 was the one I played most, but I also love DDR and Pump it Up Exceed because of it's 5 button pads instead of four. Felt more natural.

#24 Posted by nini200 (10188 posts) -

Bust a Move/Groove 1, 2 and 3/Dance Tengoku Mix

Parappa The Rapper 1 and Um Jammer Jammy (The Best one of them all). Parappa The Rapper 2 SUCKED

RockSmith (Best Guitar Game ever - Visuals need to be updated though but the game is EXCELLENT)

Guitar Hero Metallica

#25 Posted by superstarmario1 (246 posts) -

Rockband 2 and Elite Beat Agents.

#26 Posted by Devil_chrizzie (72 posts) -

number one is REZ by far, then parappa the rapper ^^

#27 Posted by Sailor_Enlil (1552 posts) -

I used to play the Guitar Hero series a lot before. Now I'm into Project Diva

Project Diva F

#28 Posted by GeneralMufinMan (387 posts) -

Rock Band 3, guess I'm pretty green compared to you guys though :)

#29 Posted by tahuuson (1 posts) -
I like music catch. What a lovely game! The graphics are pleasant, the song is beautiful, the overall effect is absolutely entrancing. Also, I'm good at it. ;) The factors combine to make a wonderful game!
#30 Posted by Agent_Yevon (75 posts) -

Gitaroo Man and Parappa/Unjammer Lammy kick started things for me. Especially Gitaroo man, awesome music all around. Since Guitar Hero came out, I've owned and played damn near all of 'em but my heart still lies with Guitar Hero 1 and 2. Both had more indie music and the experience back then was still fresh and awesome. I play Rockband 3 all the time and until they come out with a 4th (If they ever do) I'll be playing that forever with all my DLC tunes.

I got to play a Guitar Freaks cabinet once and it was awesome. Never got to play the drum game.  

#31 Posted by Shreddi (32 posts) -

RockSmith is really good.

#32 Posted by kushy26 (39 posts) -
I like sing-along games like Jolly Jingle. I play it in my iPad. Playing it again since Christmas season is coming.mawsmedia
I too like this.
#33 Posted by Lemozade (0 posts) -
I mean DDR has my number one as well as guitar hero/rock band, but I love me some osu on the computer.