What are your best video game trilogies

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3d GTA trilogy(GTA 3,vice city and san andreas):-

These 3 games defines the ps2 era for me they popularized sandbox genre and no matter what anyone says not even watch dogs can top what san andreas did in terms of "Grandness".

Hitman Trilogy(Hitman 2,contracts and blood money)

IF you are a PC gamer from the early 2000's you must fondly remember hitman 2 and contracts! and blood money is like a polished&refined collage of those two games.

Metal Slug(1,2 and 3) :-

Simply put metal slug is the best side scrolling run'n'gun games i've ever freaking played! contra seems visually dated and stiff in comparison to this.

God of wartrilogy :-

This game series is easily one of the best action adventure/hack'n'slash game series if there's anything that makes this trilogy seem any less perfect its the amount of unwanted prequels it keeps getting.

Silent hillTrilogy:-

Silent hill trilogy makes up for all the shortcomings of resident evil in ps2 era but unfortunately after 3 brilliant games the series just got saturated into an uninspired,disappointing mess.

I also wanted to add prince of Persia,devil may cry&Castlevania trilogy but they all have a sequel which ruins the trilogy.

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Easily Mass Effect.

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Two of my favorite trilogies have disappointing 3rd installments, but still overall are great trilogies I love.

Mass effect - I even loved mass effect 3, but the ending left a bitter taste and it didn't have the same impact on me that the suicide mission on 2 did.

Penumbra- overture was a mess, it was terrifying and it was brilliant. Black plague was more polished and the puzzles were challenging and logical. It was dam scary too with head phones and full volume.

However penumbra requiem didn't really fit in, there was no threat and the puzzles were just puzzles, more like portal but as well executed.

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@hrt_rulz01 said:

Easily Mass Effect.

The easiest answer ever

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YAY more List Threads !

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My favorites would be Prince of Persia trilogy, Marathon trilogy, God of War 1-3 and the Metroid Prime trilogy

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If the trilogy must consist only of three consecutive games , starting from one , then my answer would be

  • Syphon Filter 1,2,3.
  • Resident Evil 1,2,3.

If other types of trilogies are acceptable too then

  • Silent Hill 1,2,4
  • GTA San Andreas , 4 ,5
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@Lulu_Lulu: yeah we should make a list of our favorite list threads

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Well.... Atleast its upping the ante

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Well, if you can't escape them, contribute :D

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I did.....

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Mass Effect.

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For me it's-

  • Kingdom Hearts series
  • God of War series
  • Metal Gear Solid series
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I did.....

You really didn't, dismissing every thread like that doesn't equal contribution.
Nonetheless, each to their own

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@Lulu_Lulu: yeah we should make a list of our favorite list threads

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See ? Now this is real contribution.... This is me and you actually discussion something in depth instead of listing crap in a sea full of crap then leaving. Then repeating the process all over again.

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You have alot of Pictures

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See ? Now this is real contribution.... This is me and you actually discussion something in depth instead of listing crap in a sea full of crap then leaving. Then repeating the process all over again.

But this discussion of ours is extraneous to the subforum itself, we should discuss games and share opinions be it list form or any other. List threads say which games each user takes in high regard and that helps when understanding opinions in future discussions. For example, I legitimately have no idea which games you like except Gears of War, Hitman Absolution and adventure games in general, because you never listed your favorites.

Just my two cents.

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These three:

  • Sonic 1-3 & Knuckles
  • Streets of Rage 1-3
  • Metroid Prime Trilogy
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Awwwe you're so sweet.... Nobody else knows that about me..... :D

Anyway I own a grand total of 20 games, and haven't bought anything since last year.... (Bioshock Infinite)

I'd get bored of listing the same games... My own games.

Plus Lists don't do my games justice.... I like it discuss each one in depth, one at a time. List threads just take that away from me.

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You have alot of Pictures

Google Images is a goldmine :D

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You Own Google Images ! ! ! ? :O

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You Own Google Images ! ! ! ? :O

Yes, I confess. I own Google Images. If anyone needs a couple million dollars and a collection of gifs, just hit me. :P

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Mass Effect. 3rd game was still great. I don't even remember the ending.

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LOL.... I won't even hesitate.

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Uncharted is up there

The Witcher trilogy will be among the greatest ever

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Right now, Halo is my number one trilogy (I know there are more games but the first 3 are still great), but that may change at the end of this year depending on how good Dragon Age III and Arkham Knight are.

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Resistance, Uncharted, the PS1 Spyro games, and the Sly Cooper PS2 games (yeah, I'm having difficulty thinking of anything other than playstation exclusives atm).

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Mass Effect and Halo

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Crash Bandicoot and God of War

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GTA vice city. San andreas and 4 the best...

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Watch Dogs doesn't even deserve to share sentence with GTA San Andreas. (Oops!)

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My top 3 are:

  • Halo
  • Gears of War
  • Mass Effect
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Easily Mass Effect.

Yep. It's not even a question, Mass Effect tops them all.

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I do not consider it a trilogy unless it is three specific games telling one consecutive story. While their can be trilogys that are within a larger series (Metroid prime as an example) just being three games does not make it a trilogy. A trilogy has a beginning, a middle and an end. that is the definition. Silent hill is not a trilogy, though three is a sequel to one, Metal Gear is not a trilogy, its the same story since the MSX. Halo and gears are trilogys to the degree they tell one story in three parts within a larger narrative.

For me the answer is mass effect. It is a true trilogy. Even with new ones being made they are not the story of shepard and the reapers.

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@pyro1245 said:

Mass Effect. 3rd game was still great. I don't even remember the ending.

You don't remember the ending because the ending traumatized you into blacking it out.

As for my favorite? Well, it's shaping up to be The Witcher, but that'll depend how the third installment turns out. Other than that, Mass Effect ranks up there pretty high. I can't remember any other trilogies I might have played.