What are you currently learning?

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On the more technical side of fighters, what are you learning? Anything from combos, setups, characters, or just a game in general?

Other than some advanced Slayer and basic Dizzy stuff in Guilty Gear, I'm learning the ROM infinite in MvC2. It's kinda hard. I'm getting it down though.

What about any of you? I'm not expecting many replies for this.

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Currently Elena in SF:3 online edition. I wouldn't say I'm a master but Im pretty good only seem to lose against very experienced opponents. Recently defeated the top of the leader board with Akuma player few weeks back :) so Im Getting there
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I'm learning to hold my $15 for Virtua Fighter 5 Final Shodown for which I will be relearning some of vanessa's combo's, links, air juggles, groundplay, counters (mainly) and hit frames and possibly learning Jean Kujo as he looks awesome too.

At the moment though, I'm still mastering King of Fighters 13

Oh and I'll be relearning Michelle Chang in Tekken AND Hitomi and Lei Fang in DOA5. Needless to say, I got my work cut out for me.

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Still trying to get the hang of King of Fighters 2003 for the XBOX, I got it the other day but it feels very weird for some reason, must be because I'm still hot on the Guilty Gear and Melty Blood controls.
#5 Posted by chilly-chill (8902 posts) -
Smoke's combos and set ups in MK9.
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memorizing MK finishers
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reptile combos mk9 abel sf4 kenshi mk9 and cryax mk9
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I am learning to play the king of fighter 2010. it is very attractive and very enjoyable game. i hope i will can play this game perfectly as soon as possible.
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SF4 Skullgirls and Tekken