What are the closest true next-gen multiplatform games?

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By true i mean they are no longer designed to work with ancient last-gen hardware (i'm looking at you Watch Dogs).

There's Witcher 3 coming among many others, but preferably something that has a closer release date.

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Lords of the Fallen and Batman: Arkham Knight are only on PS4, XO and PC, and are both scheduled to be released before The Witcher 3

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None !

The consoles themselves are Barely next gen.

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Give it time

Maybe 6 months or so...

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You know whats a true next gen game...... Super Mario 3D World ! :D.

It eats Watch Dogs for Breakfast and craps out The Witcher 3 ! Booyaa !

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Probably The Witcher 3 or The Division

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The Witcher 3.

I hope Batman Arkham Knight is a large improvement over the last gen games.

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AC IV and Battlefield look good on next

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Nothing yet.

First one will be Batman AK and The Witcher 3

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I can't wait to see what gaming is like in 20 years when the graphics are so advanced that there won't be any noticeable difference from console generation to console generation. Then again, there probably won't be any consoles in 20 years if things keep going like they are.

But, to answer the question, from what I've seen, Killzone: Shadow Fall looks excellent. Not necessarily genre-redefining from a gameplay perspective, but on its technical merits, it is absolutely gorgeous.

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Sonic Boom

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@Lulu_Lulu said:

Sonic Boom

Ugh... That game is so ugly.

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Its also Exclusive so Naturally its Disqualified....

I'm trying to think Of 8th Gen Games for all Platforms including the Wii U...... its only fair Right ? :)

So far its just Watch Dogs that I know of but I don't like it.