What am I missing about GTA 5?

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I'm going back and trying to play it but find the same things wrong with it that i did before. The open world itself is great to look at but there is nothing to do outside of the main story. I just do the main story missions and move on which kind of ruins the aspect of free roam and doing things outside of the main story. At least in assassin's creed i feel like i want to do the extra content because there are rewards for doing so. The game is funny but the characters are unlikeable imo. Outside of shooting someone in the face and starting a ridiculous police chase there isn't much to do.

Kind of disapointing is all when this game gets 10's everywhere and is heralded as the greatest game ever made. I don't find it that fun or addictive for whatever reason.

I really like open world games too, and have grown tired of the same old linear games and 1st person shooters. Seems like there would be so much developers could do with an open world but it's just not here?

Fallout and Skyrim are too rpg and just too much to do imo. AC at least has some puzzle solving and collection of items that get you better armor and equipment and a decent story.

Should i just give up on GTA and play Assassin's creed? Disapointing because i like the driving aspect of GTA and the modern game. Mafia 2 was no better and had even less to do then GTA. Sleeping dogs was better i thought but wasn't without it's flaws either. They are all overhyped and not that great.

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The game world itself is amazing and seems like they could make it so much better it's just disapointing. I think convenience store robberies are the only cool thing you can do just randomly. It would be cool if there was a lot more stuff like that. you could hitch hike or do other funny things. all they have are clothing stores, gun shops. you can play gold and tennis and do races and go to the strip club and pick up hookers. this is nothing new. great world. the game itself sucks and is a tease. the attention to detail everywhere else is so amazing you'd think they'd make it a better game.

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I kinda agree with you on GTA V, I bought the collector's edition because I thought I'd be glued to the game for months. I played the game, rushed the campaign, played the campaign again without rushing did some online and I feel like there's something missing in the game. I know there's a lot to do but.... it just doesn't have that feeling like GTA SA had to me, I was addicted to SA for more than a year because of the multiplayer. I think GTA SA is still the best game ever made (IMO). GTA V just doesn't have that feeling.... The online isn't strong at all, it gets VERY repetitive, with the missions, races, the way the community acts and there's more. Haven't played for like a month or two.

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@Celtic_34: I agree.

I really don't understand why they didn't take more influence from RDR. I was expecting them too, but they didn't. It just stuck to the same old GTA formula: nothing to do in between missions but shoot people and get into police chases. Yeah, there ARE side activities....but I didn't find them very engaging.

A lot of people like to hate on in-game collectibles, because they are "pointless" and menial. I think it's pathetic that people do that. What reason do I have to explore the world if there is nothing to find in it? This is why I find Far Cry 3 so engaging. The world is packed with collectibles to find so I am encouraged to explore every little nook and cranny to get them. GTA games fail so hard at this.

GTAV has a great open-world, it really does, but it lacks things to do outside of the missions. This is something that the Assassin's Creed games and Far Cry 3 get so right....they have so much to do and it makes the worlds a joy to explore and discover their secrets. GTA games have no real secrets worth discovering.

Hey, I need some information.

Your post indicates that you have played Sleeping Dogs....that is on my "Must Play" list, and I need to know how much there is to do between missions, and if you can explain in detail, that would be helpful :)

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Sleeping dogs and AC were the best open worldl games i played this gen but they aren't without their flaws either. I thought they both had the best mix of things to do outside the main story though. Assassins creed adn sleeping dogs are about the same as far as quality imo although sleeping dogs has better fighting mechanics imo. It's like playing an action movie, Reminds me of a jackie chan movie or something. I don't think Sleeping dogs world and atmosphere or style is on par with GTA though... Why GTA disapoints me. The attention to detail in GTA is really amazing. I was up by the vinewood sign just now and there were mosquitos buzzing around me. I fell down the hill was messing with cars coming up the mountain but other then that not a whole lot to do. I'm not a huge fan of collectibles either I'd rather the world be more organic which GTA is in ways but it's still missing something like Allurez said.. Just not enough to do and there is no incentive to really do any of it.

I thought Sleeping dogs and AC gave the best m ix of things to do, story and open world though. They aren't without their flaws though. I dont think they are as quality as GTA or high production values. I'm kind of disapointed with the open world genre in general.

Sleeping dogs has quite a bit to do in between missions as far as building up your character. There are 3 types of missions and how you score and what collectibles you get you unlock abilities. It was similar to Assassins creed that way. Better done than assassins creed that way imo.

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If only Grammaton-Cleric was here, he'd no what to say to redeem peoples faith in this industry's number one Crime Simulator.

Anyway I think GTA and Rockstar suck and can burn in hell.

I'm more interested in what you said about Assassin's Creed. You said : "...At least in assassin's

creed i feel like i want to do the extra content because there are rewards for doing so..." This is a two part process: consisting of the task and the reward.

My question is, is it the task that you enjoy or is it the reward that you get for task that you enjoy more ?

For me, I always place the Task as more valuable than the reward you get for completing said task. The only scenario where I value the reward more than the task is if the reward is a task, for example: "Your reward for completing the campaign is a new game mode"

in President Evil , for completing the campaign, you are rewarded with Mercanaries Mode.

Anyway back to Assassin's Creed.... Reward or Task ? Obviously you enjoy the whole process but if you had to value them, which one is more important to you ?

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I prefer the task itself. If GTa just had fun things to do that was organic with no reward besides fun I'd be fine with that. i'm not so much about rpgs. I'd rather an open world that feels organic. GTA tries but fails because there is nothing to do. There is something missing.

Robbing convenience stores is one fun thing you can do in GTA 5. Sleeping dogs teh entire hospital is open and other areas you can mess around in. GTA locks off too much stuff. Doesnt give you the proper tools to really interact with the world around you.

RAndom things do happen in GTA like the police and random occurences like shootouts which are kind of neat but get repetitive and there isn't a whole lot you can do with them.

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The side missions themselves are also really uninteresting in gta. towing cars. dropping crates. these aren't memorable missions. hanging out with friends going to a show. yoga. golf. tennis as far as activities. you'd think rockstar could come up with better than this.

like i said great world and technical marvel. gamewise these people don't know how to make games. Most of the gameplay itself is really mediocre.

assassins creed and sleeping dogs are good games but im more just disapointed in GTA because what these other companies are doing isnt what i really want either. although some of the puzzles in assassins creed and climbing up towers to get to lookout points is pretty fun and cool.

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@ Celtic_34

Just checking. Ive been noticing a trend lately that developers are using Rewards to bait people into accomplish otherwise boring tasks.

You'l see this a lot when it comes to Grinding and Looting/Scavenging. Because these are things that people really don't want to do, atleast not for free, its work, more accurately, its a chore. And I think this is just bad game design. This was Particularly annoying in TLOU because resources are very very important, you need them to survive but "exploring" the enviroments looking for tools and ammo was just tedius. Cows actually think thats exploration, and maybe it is. But it sucks. Special mentions to Dark Souls and Bordelands.

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I completely agree with you. A lot of these games it's like work and i'm just glad the game is over when i'm done with it.

What do you consider fun games to play lulu? I'm struggling finding games i actually enjoy these days. GTA as a game i find particularly depressing because it seems to have so much potential but fails miserably. I agree Assassins creed can feel more like a chore than a game sometimes. GTA also is a chore. The activities they give you are chores. They aren't really fun.

i'm about to go back to playing linear games and driving/racing games or something because open world games fail pretty badly imo.

Also can't stand the mini map in GTA. It takes your eyes off the best part of the game which is the world itself. Sleeping dogs corrected this somewhat. you'd think gta would have followed suit or come up with something else.

i find myself looking b ack and forth at the minimap the entire game which is really annoying.

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Feel the same way, just could not get into it.

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@ Celtic_34

Me ? Fun Games ? Uhm..... Number one factor of fun for me would be playing local co-op with a friend, half my collection includes Splitscreen games. The Best ones are Portal 2, President Evil 5, Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light and Trine 2. Other than Trine, you'l notice those other games' co-op only supports a maximum of two players, this is because I don't have many friends and getting them all to be availble to play online simultaneously is a Bitch and getting more than one of them to come over is damn near impossible, to make matters worse, we don't use the same system (I'm the only with an Xbox), I long for the day to have my 1st threesome in Trine :p and my 1st orgy in DOA5 (the only 4 player game I got).

I don't know why but playing games with friends negates alot of a games potential flaws. Things like Graphics, difficulty, variety etc, are not an issue when you got somebody to play with. Also I don't play online with strangers or people I haven't met. It just feels like glorified AI and the connection is not strong enough to overide certain flaws in the game.

This Is why I want the Wii U so badly, it was made for loonies like me :D.

But if I have to play a game all by my Self then I look for something that is obviously fun, but also with an element of challenge to it, Style and Substance. such games are not easy to come by especially in era where its common for games to place emphasis on stories now. But games I consider fun and challenging include Devil May Cry 4, Bayonetta, Arkham Trilogy, DiRT 3's Ghymkhana mode (an excellent combination of fun and challenge by the way, it makes me wonder if Skipping DiRT showdown was a mistake, since its got lots of style, don't know about substance though), Vanquish, basically any game allows me to show off at considerable difficulty. Very Niche indeed. Also Lately Ive been into Puzzle Games, this is new territory for me but I'm getting more and more into the genre, you get different types though, puzzle platformer like the 3D Portal, Quantum Conundrum, Magrunner and the 2D Rayman, Trine, LIMBO. Are safe bets for anyone to try, its the Adventure Type genre: LA Noire, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Monkey Island, Murded: Soul Suspect, that are a bit tricker to get into. Their not as Action Oriented is the Puzzle Platformers above but theres something I about them I like, its got something to do with how mechanical the story is.

Anyway, thats my criteria of fun gaming.

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Anyway back to Open world games.

I'm not a big fan of open world games. I'm not phased even alil by the very impresive technical achievments by Rockstar, Ubisoft and Bethesda. The Ecosystem like structure and design that makes the world seem realistc and, more importantly, alive and dynamic just doesn't do it for me anymore. It use to back in GTA San Andreas when I witness the coolest thing ever, an NPC Shot at another NPC nearby a police cruiser, the cops responded, the shooter hijacked somebody and drove off, and the cops pursued him, and I'm like "wow ! I have to see what happens next !". Just before I could hop in a car to follow the chase an Ambulance shows up and brings the victim back to life and I'm like "HOLY SH!T ! DID YOU SEE THAT ! ?"

that stuff just doesn't do it for me anymore. Although I must say, setting Fires in Far Cry was much cooler and I was genuinely impressed by the variety of things that can happen in the Ocean in AC4, The coolest thing was the naval battles, but the storms and twisters were pretty damn good too. Being in the water has never looked so entertaining, not even in Just Cause.

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The story was a chore in GTA5. But then, the story tends to be a chore in a lot of freeroam games. I much prefer to get my crime fix on GTAO- robbing liquor stores, skydiving/base jumping, bounty hunting, dodging bounty hunters, gang attacks, running missions with my friends... Just about the only thing I actively dislike is grinding out races.

As for the rest of it, Sleeping Dogs was cool because it added Punchin' Stuff to open world games.

I'm a make-your-own-fun kinda guy- my favorite open world games this gen were Just Cause 2, GTAO and Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.

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@royalclown_1 said:

Feel the same way, just could not get into it.

same here I got bored with the game.

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Sounds like and overrated game. I haven't played it - but I've heard many describe it as boring.

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Unfortunately I think R* rushed the release of GTA V to beat the current(next) gen sales. They were afraid they would have lost sales from people moving on to other consoles. Ironically with Ac4, I think collectibles are by far the poorest attempt at causing initiative for exploration but the environments felt so different I wouldn't have mind much. RDR ended when you got bored exploring, I felt like RDR would never end, it felt like there was so much to do I almost hit 100% in it too, was at 99.98 or something and a bount glitched on me, GTA San Andreas ended when you won a crapload of money at casinos or collected too much money from the businesses that you worked to buy or when you got bored exploring that too similar happened with other GTAs lol but GTA V ended when the story and missions ended. Fortunately R* are releasing a free (from what I've read it should be free) DLC. Apparently the next DLC is meant to continue the 3 characters stories and even adds content for GTA Online rumoured to be heists, not sure if they want to release it at the sametime as the DLC. There was a little bit of false advertising from R* on the stuff you could do in GTAV/O, they're still my favourite company but because of GTAV/O I'm gonna be careful with their next game. As long as they pump out a few free DLCs, maybe like 5 within this year lol they might be able to redeem GTA V and add that extra continuous value that GTA games usually have and that the consumers rightfully deserve when purchasing a GTA game. A lot of the flaws with GTA V were mainly expectation flaws though, which is why it maintained a high score, I gave it a 9 but I wanted to give it a 6 or a 7 mainly due to the lack of continuous value, features or dynamics but because a lot of the game functioned as it was and I couldn't let my bias and expectations of other GTAs get in the way, so I gave it a 9. They really could have had a better dynamic experience though. Good thing is, current gen is a nice new playground for them as well and R* love experimenting with this sort of thing. I gather they'll be making a new engine, probably RAGE 2, since there's rumours of a RDR 2 in the works and RAGE might be a little outdated for current gen by now. They pushed it a bit with GTA V but not enough. Hopefully they can change that with DLCs and even change it all with current gen.

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@royalclown_1 said:

Feel the same way, just could not get into it.

same here I got bored with the game.

same here. redundant and clichéd.