western games vs japanese games

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Posted by bluedeathking (467 posts) 5 months, 16 days ago

Poll: western games vs japanese games (66 votes)

western 68%
japanese 32%

which is better and your opinion why so we can have a conversation.

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I grew up with the arcades which had games such as Space Invaders, Phoenix, Galaxian, Pacman, Missile Command, etc. Those were followed by the Atari 2600. Right about the time of the Atari 2600 Jr., I got into computer gaming and its simulation-heavy games. The older I got, the more I preferred Western games.

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western games easily. Japanese games tend too be to cheesy. hard to take the characters seriously half the time. and i mostly play games for story and that's where me and japan disconnect for the most part.

uh huh. You do realize there quiet a few moments in game like Tomb Raider, Gears, Halo, and the Mass Effect series that came off really cheesy and sometimes so bad I couldn't help but to laugh at these games because at time they were trying so hard to be serious In tone.

That's one of the key differences I've noticed between Western and Japanese storytelling. Western writers often tend to take themselves way too seriously, while Japanese writers often inject humour even into the most serious of stories. MGS, for example, deals with a lot of serious themes and controversial issues most Western games wouldn't dare touch, yet it balances it out with the occasional dose of humour and self-mockery that might seem out-of-place in such a serious story. That's where the "disconnect" comes in, since Western audiences are generally more used to having comedy and tragedy as separate genres, whereas Japanese audiences are generally more used to combining comedy and tragedy together.

thats why it sucks that after the 7th gen, japan isn't as prominent a competitor in the AAA space as it used to be in previous gens. They're way of doing things can still be influential, but it seems that with narratives and cutscenes,while some of us got it right, many companies in the west just mimcked their practice without understanding how best to apply them to inform the gameplay. Japan were the ones to largely kick off narrative driven single player adventures, and understand epic and drama =/= super serious.

after western dominance its no suprise the industry has gone largely back in the direction of F2P, social games, and self-indulgent to the exclusion of other ideas. Japan could often have masculine led adventures with deep personalities and share the stage with other characters in the same narrative. and they consider how difficulty, variety, balance and avatar strength affects the whole experience. Thats how they can be bombastic and still do it right. Our best in western gaming history are outliers whose FPS design, environmental storytelling, sandbox design, procedural generation etc were things that others in AAA latched onto superficially without understanding the little details and foundations that made such predecessors work.

But largely this is an industry thats evolved faster than tech in the film industry. The most powerful people in the biz aren't designers or moguls but investors, and no one knows largely what they're doing or where things are headed. Despite steams screw ups, you don't often have Gabe Newells at the helm that have risen through the ranks and make decisions, thinking as a gamer. Though such a hypothetical might lead to more leaders who can't count to 3. heh heh.

I think it was MGS that largely popularized the current, narrative-driven, cutscene-fest trend. But even then, MGS has always been full of cheesy humour and self-referential jokes, making it obvious that you're playing a game, not a movie. Most Western AAA developers would be scared to break the "immersion" in such a way, yet Japanese developers do it frequently, often designing their games around the idea that their players know that they're playing a game, whereas Western AAA developers want to give players an illusion that they're in a movie rather than a game. That's also why Western AAA developers often make their games super-serious, in order to avoid ruining the "immersion". However, I often find that super-serious approach to be even more of an immersion-breaker, since real life isn't always super-serious, but is always full of cheesy, cringe-worthy, humorous moments, even in the bleakest of times and bleakest of places.

Also, I think Japan's declining presence overseas has more to do with its own internal changes rather than the rise of Western developers. For the past decade, much of the Japanese gaming market has seen a transition away from home consoles towards handhelds and mobile phones. Much of the Japanese domestic market just isn't interested in home consoles anymore, forcing Japanese developers into a difficult position to make a choice between appealing to domestic audiences who only want arcade, handheld and mobile games, and overseas audiences who only want console and PC games. In many ways, the current trend in Japan could very well be the future here in the West, with Western markets slowly making a similar shift away from consoles and PC's towards mobile phones and tablets.

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Well, I hate to have to say it, but I prefer Western games nowadays. I used to be all about Japanese games, almost exclusively, but then started playing a lot more Western games, including ones I haven't tried that much before like Tomb Raider, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Splinter Cell (a lot of these I missed out on from the PS2 era) and am much more inclined to play these kinds of games now. I still like Japanese games, namely fighting games like Tekken, Street Fighter, and enjoy JRPGs. The problem is that Japan isn't at the forefront of the gaming industry anymore. Part of me is sad about this, because I think gaming's best days were the NES/SNES/PS1/PS2 eras, but I guess times have just changed. The last Japanese game I played that I loved was A Realm Reborn. Great, great game and I enjoyed it as much as something like Skyrim.

I will point out that nowadays the Anime style of games does less for me than it used to. I think those kind of graphics are a little outdated, and think Japanese developers should push for more of a realistic approach to their games (whilst still keeping a Japanese flair). I don't think Japanese games should outwardly copy Western games, but would prefer Tekken graphics over the cutsie Kawaii weeaboo type stuff.

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i wish more japanese games were commonly released in USA so I could discuss this more intelligently. for example consumers shouldnt have to decide whether to get a Japanese v.s usa 3DS. They each should play all games and all games anywhere should be available. let us decide whether or not we still want to play a game even if its all in another language.

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Easy one for me. Western. Those weird crazy stories and art style of Japanese games are not my thing.

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Why not both?

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I used to like Japanese games more seing how they managed to portray excellent villains, but western games are better now

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@GreySeal9 said:

I feel that Japanese games have more interesting ideas and aesthetic qualities.

yes, while the western games are of a bit metal, including force, and the Japanese games can combine both the intelligence and the interest in a smart way

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I like both.

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Most western games are mission based.. easy to play can easily understand.

But in some of the japaneese games,there is a quest to be complete by a player and most of them dont understand that... most of the japanese games are always related to anime styled.

I always love open world free roam action adventure games with mission based.

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My opinion is biased

I am hitting a blank of JRPGs I have played in the past, but today I am not interested in the look, or feel of JRPGs. They don't attract me, I like a more realistic look, and feel like Mass effect. I feel JRPGS are more about socializing, and different activities, while I like to keep it more about my mission, again mass effect. I really need a list of games that are JRPG, so I can compare to the games I have played. I also don't like the artwork, and little girl theme they love to depict, but I also hate the fact that western games all have the same main character with a name of sam, or shepard i.e. (Splinter cell, and mass effect.) The hero doesn't always have to be a white male, what about asians, latinos, african americans, Aliens.

(I hated the fact they showed Shepard without a helmet since we all could create our own shepard.)

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I prefer western rpg's, but the occasional japanese rpg is fun to play too.

I think japanese rpg's usually have better stories, but their gameplay sometimes gets repetitive, especially turn-based j-rpg's.

Western rpg's, on the other hand, are funner to play, i.e. more customization (character creation, choosing classes, etc) and funner gameplay mechanics.

I can't think of any j-rpg's that have character creation, you always have to play with the characters the developers made.

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So How about the combination of these 2 in 1 gameplay???

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Western easily,especially since the last decade or so.

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It's a coin toss for me at the moment. There's no denying the diminishing Japanese market though (but some companies seem to be doing alright on Steam, ha fancy that).

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i cant decide which i prefer (i play and enjoy both).

this is all generalisation of course.

japanese developers tend to pay more attention to the nuts and bolts game mechanics of a game. its why they make the best platformers, beat em ups and some of the top turns based strategy games. they tend to spend more time thinking the low level systems of their games through. a western developer couldnt make something like monster hunter. a western developer would focus on trying to make the creature as believable and as big a spectacle as possible and just have the player go at them. the focus on the low level game mechanics, the intricate timings, the rules around the weapons...wouldnt compute with a western developer.

but they lack the ambition of western games. they dont try to create a living breating world in their RPGs. the NPCs are generally static or only have the most basic routines. once a japanese developer has a system they know works they tend to stick with it very rigidly (only now are they looking at trying to improve turn based battle systems in JRPGs. the systems brought in for bravely default, for example, should have been brought in 10 years ago).

a japanese developer wouldnt ever think of something like assasins creed which has massive and very complex systems and loads of them (playing AC3 at the moment and ubisoft probably found more things to throw at it once the kitchen sink was gone :P). japanese developers can certainly can do scale (games like FF7 cant be made on modern hardware due to their sheer scale. the cost would be stupidly high.) but there not so good at scale and building life into it.

this can lead to the gameplay in western games being more sloppy though. platformers with frustrating levels with badly timed platforms and fluffy jumping mechanics. items that have no use in a game. there just there because the developer thought it would be cool at one stage.

the TL:DR version: asked to make a space fighter game, a japanese developer would make something like starfox while a western developer would make something like freespace. both great games but the focus is on very different things.

as i say though...i cant decide which i prefer. depends on my mood.

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I prefer Japanese games with some exceptions. The main reason is that Japanese developers tend to focus more on the GAME aspect of the game rather than trying to make a glorified interactive movie like most Western developers. Also, when it comes to level design, Japanese devs are miles ahead of western devs, imo. I just find Japanese games more fun to play. I think the only genre of games that western devs do better than Japanese devs are shooters. Also, Japanese composers >>>> Western composers.