wats better buying a new pc or changing the motherboard

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I really want to use my PC for gaming but my motherboard only has the PCI slots, so this means i cant buy a competent graphics card....What should i do buy a new pc or change my motherboard....
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Post this in PC Hardware board.
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If your computer is that old, then it would be best to just get a brand new PC. PC tech always advances fast so new components would leave your old stuff in the dust....even if they would work in a new motherboard.
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Getting a new one would be better, coz you will have to upgrade the rest of the hardware to support the new one, and will be spending the same ammout on a new one, and with the less hassel, unless your plannig to make a gamming rig
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Changing the motherboard = changing the PC. At least that's what I think.

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Speaking as a guy who has built many PC's for family and friends, I would either buy a good used machine that can handle your needs, or wait a bit if you can.

I just get this massive "transition" vibe from all the technology that is being sold right now. Nothing seems to have arrived.. it's all sort of trying to get somewhere. I would wait to buy new until it arrives.

Sorry it's vague, but that's what my spidey sense tells me.

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Changing the motherboard = changing the PC. At least that's what I think.


Basically yeah. You might as well just overhaul the whole thing. Im thinking about doing the same, to one of my 5 computers. Just ripping out its guts and putting in some brand new spanking hardware. But yeah, this should be in the PC tech forum

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Post this in PC Hardware board.nVidiaGaMer

If his computer is that old, it deserves to be posted in this forum!:P