Watch Dogs Performance Boost XML Massive FPS increase

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After testing a lot on my own rig I decided to let a few other people try my XML file and they all came back with the same answer, that this XML has made their game much more playable and enjoyable, I figured I would put up a link here for anyone who wants to play the PC version without constant stutttering and framerate drops, you will need the patch.bat and patch.fat files that come with the original mod which you can find here. < put these in the games dat_win64 folder

UPDATED June 24th 2014

Here are all settings in one archive

This should give you an insane performance boost, I can now get 60FPS highs and lows of about 45FPS during heavy physics based crashes, hope you guys enjoy it :)

let me know what you guys think and if anyone needs a profile with high or medium settings I can still keep the effects and the optimization working, actually I'll just post the high and medium setting files after I make sure they are perfect

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That profile you got there worked perfectly for me, i think it gave me around 5-15 fps gains. fps is pretty steady at driving at about 50 fps. Around 60-65fps if standing still in certain areas.


Seems like the above medium texture setting was best for my card, i tried changing medium to High and although the framerate was still pretty high it caused more stuttering when driving or moving the camera quickly around because i only have 2gbs of ram i think on it and it couldn't hold all the textures in it at the same time.

Low setting gave an even smoother experience and driving was 60 fps almost all the time and never stuttering. The visual difference between low/medium and high is so little when your actually playing the game and not staring with a microscope at the textures... and if your using Sweetfx you can use a high Lumasharpen setting and really trick the visuals into looking as good as the high ones with no performance hit.

Also the temporal smaa is a perfect amount of AA and didn't seem to cause any slowdowns so nice choice with that.

Specs: 680gtx 2gb / 4700k@4.5ghz / 16gb ram / win7x64

I edited the patch.dat file and removed all the motion blur and depth of field effects, if anyone wants that you can download it. Its based off the 0.7 beta version from TheWorseMod. I really hate those effects so thats why I took them off. Maybe people like them I don't.

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Nice glad it worked out so nicely, I have the newest version up on guru3d if you want.

I have reduced the reflection map size from 2048 to 1024 on medium and low profiles, I have downloaded your patch.dat, nice work removing those effects, every time I tried I would corrupt the file.

Here are the new files, Ultra, High, Medium, and Low XML files

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What am I meant to do with the optimization profile to get it to work?