Wartune by R2game: A disspointed game, think twise before you pay, I played ther

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Below is a post I made in the forum, and have myself been banned out in less than 30 mins. I don't think there is anything wrong with the post, for what I pointed out is the truth share by an entire server of 66, everyone knows there what is happening, the players are discussing all these topic in the world chat and the guild chat, and the different for me is, I just make it out in a post. Let's have a look and try to find out what's wrong with this post. "1st point: Cheats, and cheat engines, and they are rather easy to find in the net, just depend whether you want to use it or not A lot of players are able to find cheats in Wartune, or more precisely should we call, cheat engine that can be easily found over the net. Even if you can't find one, just ask from any players that play Wartune long enough, and some will even show you where to download the cheats. Every games also have cheats, but Wartune cheats are a bit over the line, simply because the cheats, greatly affect the players who pay balens to play a better game. To make an example, there is an "exchange" link for gold and daru in the game right? Hundreds of US dollars are needed just to gain a few millions of these benefit, but a cheater can gain it through Farm or World Boss event with (3x gold gained more from WB, and over 1000% farm harvested from seeds), and they did it with just a cheat engine. A player in my server don't even bother to deny that he had cheated. Instead, he admit it openly though, almost the entire server knows he is cheating, for your information. And there is another player who is able to "show off" to my entire server, that he "cheat", by host a Void map in his levels of 30s himself. LOL Many players have repeating review this problem to r2 game. Its been for months and now nearly a year had come, and all these cheats are still available for downloads. Whenever new patches comes in and hope arised that the new patches would solve the problem, but it is still the same. Same cheating engines are running all over the servers. Some players even bothered to put out a lot of pictures that proves that this player cheats in the forum, because his stats are impossible at his level, for example, having over 1500 troops at the level of 30s, but the result is expected, r2 game can't do anything about it. And when wartune is unable to solve the cheat, it appears that a particular player's astral gaining rate can be nerfed down individually, which is believe, an option for the admins to "punish" the cheat through gameplay in actions, as a fact that they really, really, can't fight against the cheat engines created by the users. 2nd point: Overpowered and un-monitored authority given to admins, create abusing admins who do not treat players fairly But with greater power, create greater problems. If an admin can nerf a player's astral gaining rate due to his own liking without any monitoring, abusing can happen too. Nerfing a player's astral gain, its initial purposes is to encounter the cheating problems. Nerfing a players astral, is meant to used against a cheater, NOT a player who made a complain post in the forum, because everyone has the RIGHT to complain. Thus when a nerfing is been applied on a player who did not cheat, then it is simple to understand. It is an ABUSE that's all. Wartune, hosted by r2 game nowadays, are losing its fun and even harder to play. The forum are full of complains of posts, bugs reports, and you could see 80% of them not answered by any moderators or site admins, don't even dream that you could get a responce from the game admin themselves. Some admins are bothered to put their effort to abuse, and they can't even make a reply in the post. That's the wartune of r2 game nowadays, with expanded servers, takes in more employees, and brings in more bad admins into the servers. 3rd point, Lagging, Page Hanging, Bugs exploited/reported by users, but been left alone and unsolved for nearly a year's time After we had encountered the cheats and abusing problems, we still, had to face one of most frustrating problem. Yes, game lagging and page hanging all the time. Just do a research of your own. Join any server, then join a guild. And then try ask ANY players in your guild who had played Wartune for like, a few weeks or a month. Ask them this question: Did your loading page hangs before? Did you lag heavily in World Boss before? Yes, you will get a positive feedback. They all had. Every single player will tell you they had experienced this problem before. But what r2 game, who hosted Wartune from 7Road, are keep on telling us the same thing: It is the players own connection problem, r2 game servers are not responsible of this, their servers are all fine and smooth. It is not their fault. EVERY SINGLE PLAYERS also have a problem with their connection issue, but only r2 Game, NEVER had before. When you are looking at this kind of reply, you will know you are looking at a piece of crap that has no logical sense at all. Its just an excuse to avoid their responsiblity. Finally, when Wartune is first launched and just a few server existed, indeed it is very fun to play. There is no lag, the admins are worried about their player base, they work hard to listen to the players. But after they keep on expanding / merging their servers in an uncontrollable manner (Wartune has 130 server expanded in just a few months time), the problem of lagging, page hanging happening more and more frequently. They just do not realise now, all the old and new servers are ALL, having lagging problems. When after endure the lagging problem, still need to endure watching some players who cheats over the game and see all the money spent becoming worthless, I spent more because I want to win, not to let a cheater win. Not to mention these cheats can be found within a day with a click of a few buttons. In the end, after you endure the lagging, watching the cheaters own on your acc, one final thing: Bad admins who abused :\ So now, the Wartune hosted by r2 games nowaday in my opinion are: 1) Whether you pay to play without cheat 2) Whether you pay to play with cheat 3) Whether you pay nothing at all All of them will be very hard to play. Players who play and cheat, the lagging is waiting them ahead. Players who play and do not cheat, the cheaters and lagging are waiting them ahead. Players who play for free, the cheaters, lagging, and the abusing admins are waiting them ahead. Either which group you are into, you just find it very hard to play Wartune nowadays. This is a view and opinion for old Wartune players like me who had played in r2 game for many months of time. We had keep on reveal our problems to the admins, personally for me, I had been making a lot of post about the lagging for about 1/4 of the year's time, but they are not taking any actions, even worse now actually. Of course, the admins have their rights of not listening to our problems. That is why I believe we have to at least, make these problems and bugs known in Wartune, been awared by all the players who played in Wartune now, or before. We all have the right to know what is happening and what's bugs are awaiting us in the game, if we are going to play in the game further in. This is fair for both side. If they do not want to solve the problem, then all players shall share to know what their problems are. If posting at their own forum is NOT enough to bring up their attention, then I would suggest those players to post your own views and problems, bugs you encountered in Wartune, in sites that evaluates and gives ranking to a game. Make our voices and opinions known there, it is already a fact we are being ignored here. Ignored, and being abused. If you have a lot of money to throw, of course, personally I will not encourage you not to spend. But I would recommend you that if you still want to play in the game, then try a few weeks in the game first. Ask the same questions I had mentioned here in my post, to anyone that you happened to meet "inside the game". And see if the answer you have gotten are the same or not. And if you still think you are willing to pay to play the game afterward, of course, that is your freedom to do so."
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As the post stated, these 2 cheaters have been existed in the server for months and months. Take 2Mystica1 for example, it is no way to deny it that he does not cheat, because a level 30 player just CANNOT create a VOID map ,which minimum requirement is level 40 and above. This is such an iron proof. Everyone has a look at this 2Mystical1 profile and keep asking in World Chat, hey, how can this guy create a lvl 40 map in his lvl 30?? But R2game did not do anything about that. Seeing what the admins keep on ignoring the case, I went and make the post officially in the forum. What I said is something the entire server 66 already knew, what's wrong about that? They don't bother to take any action in all the World Chat and Guild Chat that took place "inside" the game. All the players are talking like crazy over there, why this 2Mystica1 can do this, why he can do that etc etc. But they just simply do not care. But guess what, I made it out openly in a post in the forum, I get myself been banned, in less than 30 mins. They can allow an entire server to talk the topic out in a World Chat in a particular server, but they cannot allow one, single post of this, exist in the forum, mentioned anything about that R2game does have this Wartune hacks and cheats are happening in the server, to be shown in the daylight. I have my freedom of speech, and I deserve it, my rights cannot take away just like that. Until now, every a few weeks, R2game is launching new servers out in their site. In just a year's time, they have launched over 130 servers for god's sake, despite all the cheats and hacks are running all over their servers. This is just so wrong, this is just too wrong. You have to fix the bugs in your game before you are promoting your game. What a player paid hundred of US dollar to gain, a cheater can gain it the same through a day's of hard work in cheating. This has to be revealed. They are keeping launching the servers, ignoring the cheaters, and in the opposite, banning the players who tried to report the case. This is just so wrong. An entire of the players of server 66 is a huge group of witness, this is just so wrong, they cannot do this.
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Out of risk of repercussion Id like to add that I have been playing on s23 West Coast.. I have only seen an admin in there twice, and when I try to pm them I get a 'cannot message people who are offline' error.... They need to start monitoring these servers for good, professional players and allow them to admin.. These players know far more about the problems facing their servers than ANYONE else..
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I was detailed but you didn't check the event. Your late illogical response lost me all my synthesizes efforts yesterday & even the lesser reward. Thank you for nothing as always expected from you! Keep it up to loose more & more of you low reputation.
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same me

banned me .. date dec 8 2013

i new play r2games.com is almost 50 day

game : dragon pals

game play server 40,44,62

account name : sonicvasile

e-mail : vasile.sonic2013@yahoo.com

is account banned me lol

i have nice buy amount total almost 200$

why banned ? don't have reason nothing

but i post forum need help .

is no help nothing

r2games.com IS CRAZY !!!!!!!!!!!


calm down

later i tell lawyer !!