Want an offline MMORPG-type game I can play without Internet. Any suggestions?

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Elder Scrolls III: Morrowinds has been mentioned to me by a few friends. http://www.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/elderscrolls3morrowind/review.html I know there are others. I'm even willing to try an SNES/Genesis game (!!) if it means getting a really GOOD experience. Main requirements: Must be able to run on current PC hardware (or virtualbox/VMware) Must be a PC game that is still being sold at GameStop, available for online purchase, or freeware Must have few/average amount of bugs A PC map builder add-on would be great No i do not want Doom/Doom2/Hexen /Heretic those are SHOOTERS. LOL Two player PC support would be great Networking support (play against someone else on LAN, not Internet) would be super awesome. Thanks in advance. Enjoy your Xmas holiday. Hope all are warm, safe, and got what they wanted. EDITED: A PC game is what I want, not Xbox/ Xbox360 or any other system. Except SNES/Genesis or another console other than current gen.
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Hm, Risen and Sacred 2?

Also: inb4 the heavy flaming you'll (possibly) receive for calling Morrowwind (the best game ever by some?) an offline mmorpg. That's quite an insult.

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Someone is confused here. Greg Kasavin wrote a review of the game. Which I read before I made this post. I suggest everyone read his review. He says: "Bethesda also plans to release some of its own plug-ins for Morrowind, all to help give this single-player product the sort of longevity more often associated with popular multiplayer games." on Page 3. This game, for the PC, is 100% offline. Secondly, before that he says: "Many of the biggest role-playing games from over the years have shipped with a number of bugs, and Morrowind is no exception. Luckily for everyone, its bugs are trifling when compared with those in the retail release of Morrowind's notoriously buggy predecessor, Daggerfall. But some of the bugs are definitely frustrating. When a game such as this encourages you to just go out into the world and do whatever you feel like, imagine your disappointment when, after going out of your way and off the beaten path to defeat a particularly powerful opponent, the game unceremoniously dumps you back to Windows. We had this happen on several different occasions, and we also discovered some other glitches with some of the quests, such as one that allowed us to make an infinite amount of money." So back to my question, what are some other offline MMORPG-type games for PC? Sorry if I did not make it clear I wanted for the PC, and not for Xbox/360 /PS3.
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Are you looking for an open sandbox or something? See, when I read "offline mmorpg" I think "BOOOORIIING!!!"


Because pretty much all mmorpgs are grindy and very very repetitive, An open game with lots and lots of boring quests (fetch this, kill this, collect ten flowers, collect ten coins dropped from enemies etc). This is ok when it's online but single player games should have better quality.

also this feels like it's going to get locked soon though.

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mmorpgs are by definition online. I cannot understand what you want, exactly

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If you want the "go there, kill that, bring loot"-type quests, you can try Torchlight. Oblivion is essentailly an MMO without the people and crafting. Titan Quest might be what you're looking for as well. Torchlight Demo Titan Quest Demo Both games are on Steam, who is having their big holiday sale right now, so if you're interested in buying them I'd keep an eye on their store and wait for the inevitable price drop.
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The only ones I can think of are on PS2 and PS3. Final Fantasy 12 and White Knight Chronicles, both kinda play in a MMORPG way as far as battle systems go, to me.
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Dragon Age or Elder Scrolls Oblivion I suppose. They have same big environments that you can travel in and lots of quests. They still aren't an actual MMO though.