U.S. service blade and soul gold will be harmonious?

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U.S. service NCsoft announced "http://www.bladesoulonline.net/", European and American players found the characters in the official use of promotional materials and game content is harmonious, when European and American players anxious, NCsoft guarantee: "blade and soul gold" will original landing of the U.S. and European markets. NCsoft said that the reason why the previous promotional material with non-original material, because the ESRB (North America rating organizations) rating has not been determined, they for the necessary considerations harmony pictures and video, in addition to some adjustment , NCsoft will not change the face of the game. The NCsoft Company, said: "In short, we do not intend to modify the content of the game, it was a master of like Jin Taiheng as well as Team Bloodlust as the studio to create the content, despite the peace of mind to you, we like you, love" blade and soul gold "promotional materials is not the final version. " The national dress, I believe a lot of players know that some of the more exposed parts plus fabric block and some transparent clothes were also not spared, but look at the "World of Warcraft" authentic patch should only be a matter of time.