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A lot of video games have urban legends. But there are some that creep me out. Berzerk caused two teens' deaths back in the 80s. Yikes. The Polybius legend is also frightening but I highly doubt the machine exists. Herobrine in Minecraft was just a hoax but still scary.

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Your thought seems incomplete. Did you have a comment to make on video game urban legends or a question about them? Or was the point of the post just pointing out that they exist? The reason I ask is because if it's the latter, it doesn't really leave a lot of room for discussion.


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Personally I think those figures in Mario Galaxy 2 is a pretty creepy thing to have been left in the game even if intentional.

But hey it's always fun with some creepy little discoveries and secrets in games.

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@Treflis: Those things are really freaky... Damn you Cracked.

And yeah I agree, finding weird little things in a video game world is awesome. It helps lend a sense of mystery to the game, especially if it's supposed to be kid friendly, like Mario Galaxy.

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I like the idea of Pokemon Creepy Black, even though it's bull crap. The only good creepy pasta in existence.

I admit that I tried to find ratman in GTA IV too.

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is this relevant enough?

note: please be reminded that the contents you're about to see may give you creeps to the spine base

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the Ben Drowned creepy pasta in Majoras Mask seriously freaks me out and its still unknown whether or not that actually happened.