United States "Methods of Reconstruction" Recruiting for Xbox 360

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If you are posting on a site not displayed, use this post when posting: Methods of Reconstruction (MoR) is a multi-game clan that has only been around for a short time. The clan was made by ex-FoD members that wanted a change and they succeeded. There are not many members yet because it just started but with your help you can help grow MoR. We are very organized and we use ranks to show order and divisions based on games/genres to allow some organization. We will have a Youtube channel very soon where we will post clan matches, member-created content, GB matches, montages, and much more. You do not have to live in the United States to join that is just where the leader and co-leader are from. -Age Limit: 15+ -Times we play: Whenever people are on we try and play together. -Microphone: Not necessary -Stat Requirements: None -Who to contact: MrFlyinWalrus or FoD Jokaa on xbox -Clan Website: morclan.enjin.com/ -Tryouts- Casual: None Competitive: 3 1v1 games to test your skill at competitive style matches Sniping: 3 public games to test your skills with a sniper rifle. If you want to join, sign up to the website then fill out the application in the "Recruitment" tab with the necessary information.