Tomb Raider had hardly any platforming in it!

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Just completed "Tomb Raider", and even though I thought it looked stunning, and found it enjoyable..

It certainly lacked thought concerning the puzzles..

I was suprised how it felt more like a 'fuel filled action adventure title' with some platforming elements simply thrown in for effect..

At times It felt like I was playing "Gears" due to the cover system.

More platforming please developers!!

And please stop dumbing down the puzzles!

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yes. Needs more salt

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The only hope you have of seeing a 'classic' Tomb Raider type game in the next few years is if they make that series into a spinoff series like Tomb Raider Legacy or something like that. Tomb Raider 2013 sold far to well for them to abandon the Uncharted formula. Expect them to spit out more sequels in that vein first. Which is a shame because Crystal Dynamic can make a damn good 'classic' Tomb Raider game.

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I gotta agree. It is hard to hate on the game though because truth be told it is really good at what it does (even if what it does is different).

The cliff-scaling in the game was more about helping the pacing of the game (between shoot-outs) rather than acting as a sort of perspective/trial-and-error puzzle; it only superficially resembled the previous trilogy in that sense.

I loved the solid feel of the shooting, the increased narrative focus (even if I didn't like the acting/narrative of that game in particular) and the higher production values. I want them to carry all those strengths forward next-generation but also to keep that puzzle-y/spleunking style of the previous games.

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@Lulu_Lulu said:

yes. Needs more salt

And pepper and perhaps some garlic.

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@ Jacanuk

Damn I'm so hungry right now...... Thanx alot. :(

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@ Jacanuk

Damn I'm so hungry right now...... Thanx alot. :(

Sorry :) so not a good time to tell you about the awesome turkey i got from my parents and eating right now :)

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I tend to separate platforming and traversal.

They have eliminated platforming from the series almost entirely. I'd place the most recent Tomb Raider in the same category as Assassin's Creed and Uncharted at this point. Sad to see the puzzles placed on the back burner.

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@ Jacanuk

Can't say for sure, never had turkey, its a very elusive bird. :)

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This was a new take on the series. They wanted to try something new in an attempt to revive it. I'm guessing they'll now stick to the new formula. Maybe a spinoff series could return to the roots but I wouldn't hold my breath.

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Seeing Lara in pain was so much more important.