Title: Impressions from a new… genre?

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So, Larkon Studios, quite a cool upcoming developers team I must say, are talking about how their new game CivCraft: Legends Of Ellaria is a combination of FPS and Strategy games. Sounds interesting, no?

Well, I went to their website to check things up, joined the Beta, and admittedly, it looks pretty well. I am still unsure how it will eventually look like, but they’re talking about releasing it sometime in 2015, so I guess they have enough time to fully equip this game with all the good stuff.

I was wondering, though, what you think here. Will this game have a chance? They are going on something that I think is quite new. anyways, that’s their website, I would love to hear what people here think since at the moment it seems quite sweet. That's them: civcraftgame.com