Titanfall, the next Brink.

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This game was blown out of proportion, even on gamespot. People giving previews as if it was the second coming of jesus to the FPS genre. Its so far from that it can only back fire, the last time i saw such hype for a pitiful game on PC, was brink.

Im an old guy by now when it comes to PC gaming and i checked out Titanfall because gamespot very own Danny said good things about it, generally i see where he is coming from since he does enjoy the old schools things that i do as well. Danny did not hype it as much as some other people, but still tried to believe it was gona be the game changer in FPS genre, which has been dominated by one of its sub genra for a decade (sick of it as well).

Im not seeing it. Its an "OK" game, the shooter mechanism is like a call of duty with a jetpack and the ledge grab from Crysis (another game with very poor multiplayer overall). The mech gameplay is enjoyable and is like a very simple version of some much better mech games out there (some which are free). The game blends the 2 pretty well. At the end of the day, wanna know whats the difference between FPS and Mech games? Nothing they are both FPS.

Im not gona go long and hard about the lack of content its a beta. I hope for them theres more to the game than that.

The NPC are a pure joke and lack any utility. I heard every argument that it tries to emulate the recent Moba genre (which i hope stays out of my FPS) If they wanted to make a MOBA fps, better pointers would be to go along the line of what smite does for third person shooter.

That would be if that argument even had ground to stand on, you see in MOBA creeps actually have purpose and in early game in many of them (dota, dota 2) Creeps are actually very damaging and useful. They dont really have AI, but they always fight each other when they meet in a lane. If Moba creeps where anything like Titanfall NPC, they would spawn at your base and stay there and look at trees and building with no awareness of anything.

These NPC dont do anything that is useful:

-More immersive combat with huge armies:nope, they are too brainless.

-Story element: Nope unless they want every possible human soldier to look brainless.

The only thing these NPC are for is so you can kill stuff and reduce the cooldown on your mech, while you run around shooting NPC by the dozen with a human player spread in between. I call them pacman dots, except pacman is a better game for its time period.

The UI, my god, im gona pull my hair out. Its nothing new for the genre really. UI in first person shooters devolved since the 2000s. Mabye its just for the beta, but hell to this day Unreal Tournament in 1999 has a better UI than most of these new shooters cod kill, blah, blah etc, you just feel bad. No mod support, no server browsers, no text chat ingame, no personal server, no mod supports.

I already played a game like this and its also mediocre and free, its called blacklight retribution, it has about the same appeal but without the NPC and player cap. But that was never hyped, neither should it be. Titanfall is hyped like brink was last time, OMG ITS THE REVOLUTION EVERYBODY. Turns out FPS is so stale now that people think average gameplay is the next revolution. It will sell well as an xbox one exclusive, since you know these new console have no game yet, its either titanfall or nothing. Might as well be titanfall. For pc wait until its $9.99 on Origin this summer.

A fresh revolution in FPS this is not.

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I personally don't see what all the fuss is all about either, but im curious to see how it will turn out.

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What's going on is big business. Everybody and their mother knows the game is a half-package with low content, Gamespot and every other gaming website will hype it to the moon for cash and traffic. The powers that be are praying that Titanfall will become the next Call of Duty type craze.

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So people get more do get excited.

Can the game get over hyped? Yes. That is the once thing that will hurt the games more than anything else.

Of course being on the other side of the coin can be just as bad. Those the proclaim that it will failed with little to go on.

I do not care about TitanFall since there on single player. I love FPS single games.They have been so innovative last gen and it is a shame they do not want to add on in.

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Even though the game barely registers with me, it looks far better than freakin Brink

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I wasn't aware people actually got excited for Brink...

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While it may not become the next Call of Duty I think it should do quite well for itself. I recently played the beta and found it to be very enjoyable. Gameplay was fast and fluid. It does quite a bit to stand out on it's own and offer something different.

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You know why it's so hyped? Good marketing. I however have no interest in it and don't see the big fuss about it either. I'm more excited for Destiny.