Thoughts on the witcher 3?

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hey guys how's it going? i've been looking at trailers for the witcher 3 and i think it looks absolutely amazing!! what do you guys think? has anyone played the witcher one or two and how did you like those games?

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The Witcher 2 is the best RPG of the last decade, that's what I think!

Well maybe, maybe not, but it's fucking EX-to-the cellant.

The first Witcher hasn't aged so gracefully but it's a really impressive display of the Dialogue Choice design that you see so often in BioWare games (Mass Effect, Dragon Age, KOTOR) but frankly much better. If you are cool with playing older games (aka not a graphbaby) then you should definitely pick this up for PC if you have one. It's an old game now so you don't need anything fancy.

If you don't own a PC but have a 360 I would highly, highly recommend playing The Witcher 2. If you've played any fantasy games in your life I'm sure you will find W2 refreshing. It's very reminiscent, in a way, of Game of Thrones. It's fantasy but it's dirty, human and unsettling. The good guys don't always win. Shit, maybe there just aren't any good guys.

My favourite part of the whole series is the monster lore. Fighting monsters and buying books about them allows you to defeat them more easily and also get more/better organs from them (for crafting spells, salves, etc). In the W1 this was more complex and required the player to know which Sword Stance worked best against which monsters; they stripped this in W2 (no sword stances) but it sounds like W3 is closer to W1.

Needless to say, I'm bouncing-off-the-walls excited for the Witcher. If it's anything like its predecessor it will be a game to remember.

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I'm pretty sure that The Witcher 3 is one of my most anticipated games.

As for the first 2, didn't get to play them :(

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Looks great, I'm probably buying it.

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I don't know why this stands out the most for me, but alchemy in the Witcher series is just so cool. I hate potion-quaffing in games. It's silly and annoying. But in the Witcher, mixing potions, then, before you go into combat, you go into this lotus crouch, sipping your particular cocktail...and you gotta watch out because the potions are actually toxic, so you have to pick your effects carefully. It's just brilliantly done and the only way I've seen potions done in RPGs that's not a total chore but actually adds something to the game and the character.

And yeah, it's pretty brilliant in a lot of other ways as well. I don't miss the stance fighting from the original, because the way they did it was kind of a paper-scissor-rock approach. If they could incorporate the stances with the full action of Witcher 2's combat, without the paper-scissor-rock, that might be fun for the sake of variety in melee. The story was quite entertaining in the original, whereas the second game felt more like an interlude than a whole story. Still, the characters are very well crafted in Witcher 2 and stand among the best realized characters in recent memory. CDProjekt is showing some amazing talent and I really look forward to W3.

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I believe this one's gonna be the best , The Witcher 2 had too many loose ends n RPG elements should've been more !

Maybe even the GOTY of 2014 !

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Very excited for the further adventures of Geralt of Rivia

Just finished The Witcher 2 for the first time last night (360). I have to say it was a remarkably enjoyable game. It got a bit bogged down with it's own lore and by the end I was a bit unsure who was fighting who and for what reason, but from a pure game play standpoint it was excellent.

First impressions of TW3 are very good and it looks a great leap in quality from it's predecessor. One of my day one games next year.

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my most anticipated game of 2014 and most likely GOTY...and its going multi platform so now everybody gets to experience Geralt of Rivia

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unfortunately i've only got a ps3, and as far as i know, neither of the games are available for the ps3! that's why i'm so excited for the witcher 3 on ps4, it looks unbelievable! definitely has potential to be the game of the year, i agree with everyone