The Wii U is not what's good, The games are.

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Yes, the Wii U. Such differing thoughts and opinions come to the minds of the people who hear the word. There is a rather cloud of Hate,Love,confusion,disappointment and down right awkwardness surrounding the thing. It is a very touchy subject,especially for an owner of the console who put down $300+ to buy the thing. Part of it's "uniqueness" is the fact that it isn't exactly Next gen, At least not many people consider it to be. It was released in 2012,about a year before the Xbox one and PlayStation 4. The system wasn't exactly a power house.It was the first time that Nintendo had launched an HD console,and just that alone didn't seem to excite many. Don't get me wrong, HD is awesome, It was just a little too late for some people. Gamepad! No that wasn't a classy transition at all,but it's hard to trying to put it anywhere and bring it up naturally. The Gamepad is a pro controller with a screen in the middle, and that is about all it is.That right there is what I think the problem is. The gamepad itself is confusing. Is it a controller? Is it a tablet? is it weird and pointless? Yes? It's Not like you can take it anywhere that there is WIFI and connect to your system and play(that would be awesome) It's usally just there for off screen play or to be a map and or inventory management in Zelda. It seems Like Nintendo just wanted to try and do something for the sake of doing something, or they saw how many kids were using tablets at the time and were like " Hey lets put that on a controller". Whatever the reason it is rather unnecessary.

Yeah, So now we got that big messy paragraph up there about a bunch of Negative Wii U things. But that's the thing , I have to admit that the Wii U by itself isn't good. (Now before you go to the comment section and tell me I'm a stupid goober you should read the rest of what I have to say.) The Thing that makes the Wii U worth buying is the games.(NO?) Yes, the games are amazing, from Donkey Kong country tropical freeze to Super Mario 3D world to Pikmin 3 to the upcoming Super smash bros. and Mario kart 8. And those titles just scratch the surface! There are So so so many other amazing first party Nintendo games out there.(not to mention backwards compatibility with original Wii,something the other "next gen" consoles don't have as of yet.) Nintendo always makes sure that every single first party game that comes onto their system is solid, polished,and most importantly fun. Nintendo games are pure fun,and that's what gaming is all about right? having fun! Nintendo knows what it means to to buy a game. They Know that when people spend 50-60 dollars on a Nintendo game that they have a certain expectation of quality and content. And Nintendo has delivered that on every first party Nintendo game so far.(they are still one of the few rare gaming companies that believe in local split screen multiplayer,and for good reason too, it's fun) They could easily sell out and fill their games with micro-transactions and day one DLC,but they don't.Do you know how easy it would be for them to ruin Pokemon,super smash bros. and Mario Kart with DLC and micro-transactions? It would be very easy, and it is what all other companies would do with any fighter or kart racer.(ultra street fighter IV and Forza 5)Most game companies will take every chance they get to rip off and nickle and dime people at every corner. Heck Pokemon is close enough to being almost like a mobile game(It's portable) that it would be the easiest for Nintendo to put Micro-transactions in. They could create new Pokemon for you to buy or they could sell moves and abilities or make it so that you could buy anything in the shop with real money. What if you Didn't have to unlock characters or stages in Mario Kart or Super Smash bros. ? What if they made you buy that? It would be so very easy to just decide to money grab like anyone else. But Nintendo doesn't do that. They stand there ground when it comes to quality and content. They genuinely care about their fan base and the consumer. They Make sure that if you buy a Wii U or 3DS you will have fun and you will get full enjoyment out of their product.

So in conclusion, You may think that Nintendo is dying ,the Wii U is a failure and it has no right to be placed next to the other Next Gen systems. Technology wise yes, it is a severely under powered console. But if you are buying a console to enjoy truly amazing games,and the Wii U certainly has loads of those, then why does it matter to you which is the more powerful technology wise. It can be the most powerful computer in the world, But if it doesn't have games that are truly amazing and wonderful then what is the point in spending all your hard earned money on it?And if it is all about power and graphics then why didn't you buy or build a gaming PC? You are not going to buy the Wii U for the console itself, you are going to buy the console because of the truly amazing, innovative,quality games,and because Nintendo is the company behind the system. The Wii U is an amazing system to own and one that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys having fun.

Thank you for reading and have Nice day :)

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Meh there hasn't been an enjoyable Nintendo game since the 90's.

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@darthgumballs: ok :)

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Curious to see the next Zelda game (not that stupid musou, I mean a proper Zelda game). I just wish it would come out on a next gen console instead of a last-gen one.

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Yeah, Nintendo has always put their best quality in software over their hardware. I don't think I've ever played a first part Nintendo game that I actually disliked. Nintendo are also known to push their own hardware to the absolute limit with their software which kind of baffles me. Why not use stronger hardware to make the games even that much better? There is always hope for the next gen I guess.

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If one really, really, really likes Mario games and has little interest in anything without Mario in it no doubt the Wii U's library is a dream come true. For most of the world the Wii U's library is the best reason to avoid it.

If someone likes Mario and franchises other than Mario, the 3DS (which has its share of Mario games, but also Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Animal Crossing and a good range of third party support including Bravely Default and Monster Hunter) is a better choice.

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Ummmm, Nintendo has done DLC for its games, and is experimenting with F2P. Just in usual fashion, they are years behind but I wouldn't give them any credit for that. It was probably not intentional as much as it was the fact that they finally heard that it existed when they brought their head out of their bubble for a breath of air.

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Well there is one really good game on the WiiU. It is ZombiU which is one of the best zombie games that I have ever played and I have just about all of them. It is too bad that it is an exclusive to the WiiU, and that there may not be a sequel or it being on another console.

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We should probably all collectively stop making WiiU threads. There's no point. We already know Nintendo is fast-ditching the POS, and already wracking their brains trying to compensate for this major flub. (next console).

I am totally curious to find out what they end up doing. Console, or maybe no console at all.

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@arrow2thekneeXD: that was an enjoyable read! I do think that it is very hard to try and defend the wii u. Personally I will never buy one. There is a few games for the hardcore Nintendo fans but when tossing xbone vs ps4 vs wii u and I'm only buying one I went for the xbox. Simply because their is more for me on it. The other problem for me was that I bought a 3ds last year. I love Nintendo games as much as the next person but I don't need 2 systems to play them. Plus the 3ds has better overall games on it already and it is getting smash and kart.

In saying that I totally agree that Nintendo games have a certain polish to them that you can expect. And man when they get it right it is amazing!!

P.s. I love nintendo

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I don't like any games on the WIi U. I got it to play Zombii U thinking it would continue to get more adult oriented third party games with innovative controls. I bet on the wrong horse, sadly, I didn't think Zombii U was that great, and I haven't purchased any games since I purchased it almost a year and a half ago. It's my least played console I've ever owned, and I've owned an alarming number of them. I'm glad you enjoy the games, but I am not into the Nintendo classics at all.

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@darthgumballs said:

Meh there hasn't been an enjoyable Nintendo game since the 90's.

Isn't your top ten consisting of CoD, Madden, PGA, Forza and the likes? You can't proclaim that if you don't venture past annual games, my friend.

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OP, you said the one thing I've always said. Nintendo games are just plain fun. The overuse of Mario in everything does get old (Mario Kart, Golf, Party, etc...) but when I play the games I enjoy them. And that's really the bottom line.

In regards to the power being way less, I disagree. Yes, the specs show an obvious disadvantage for the Wii U, but the games I've played so far are not too far behind the PS4. For example, I think Mario 3D World looks better than Knack, artistically and technically. I also haven't seen nicer fruit than Pikmin 3 on the PS4 :)

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@Randolph: Sorry mr. sir. I didn't understand the system.

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@arrow2thekneeXD said:

@Randolph: Sorry mr. sir. I didn't understand the system.

I don't think his post was meant for you. He replied to another poster.

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@Grieverr: Haha! and that shows you how much I really don't understand the system. :)

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@arrow2thekneeXD said:

@Grieverr: Haha! and that shows you how much I really don't understand the system. :)

Don't worry about it, it happens.

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@Randolph: yeah thanks.