The Ten Best Games of this Generation?

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Say what you want about how great past console generations were, but this is the gen where gaming finally pushed past its novel premise, and became an art-form of its own. The games featured below are this generation's watermarks, saying a great deal of the viability of video gaming as a medium; masterpieces that could only work as the video games they so humbly know they are.

#10. The Last of Us

A watermark moment in mature, emotional video game storytelling, and a finely polished gameplay stealth/action experience. The bond that grew from my father/daughter relationship with Ellie, as I kept her safe through this ravaged world of sin and depravity, is something that gaming has given me that I hope I never take for granted.

#9. The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game

Not quite as polished as The Last of Us, but the story is even more gripping and characters better-written. It's episodic release system was perhaps what made it most special, keeping us gripped throughout the year; paving way for more and more devs to go down this route.

#8. Rayman Legends

A gorgeous cavalcade of pristine art direction and platforming perfection, absolutely loaded with content, and all of this can be tackled with up to three friends.

#7. Bioshock

Fresh of the heels of Metal Gear Solid 2's mindfuckery, Bioshock paves the way for post-modernism and artistic, political storytelling, told almost entirely through the environment, and by God, what an environment that was! Rapture remains one the single most atmospheric, and well-designed gamespaces ever; ripe with small details that could be used for environmental combat, as well as hidden areas savvy players could access with their plasmids.

#6. Journey

Short, but oh so sweet, emotionally-resonant indie game, that thoroughly crosses out the line between video games and art, as well as the single most creative use of multiplayer elements since Gauntlet Legends.

#5. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Described by many as "the reason we play video games", that couldn't be closer to the truth, as Uncharted 3 is the epitome of fun. It's writing, gameplay, imaginative setpieces, and supreme audio-visual presentation all form together to create something truly magnificent.

#4. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Basically everything I mentioned above, but far better. So far featuring unprecedented pacing for a video game, or anything in any media.

#3. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Flawless. Absolutely flawless. An achievement in technological prowess, featuring top-notch presentation, dramatically-absurd writing, incredible nostalgia-striking set-pieces, and unsurpassed stealth gameplay. The end of gaming's greatest saga, it pays off in spades, and manages to be even better than could ever have been anticipated.

#2. Grand Theft Auto V

Dan Houser's latest sinful, satirical masterpiece is also his finest ever, and a true feat in crime storytelling and open-world game design. Groundbreaking for introducing 3 playable protagonists seamlessly into open-world gameplay, and using it to the narrative's strength. The narrative features unprecedented writing for both open-world games and crime fiction in general; instilling Dan Houser as gaming's Quentin Tarantino, who manages to write a story in an open-world game, where every mission feels essential, intuitive, creative, and devoid of filler. Jampack this atmosperhic, living, breathing, damn-near photorealistic gamespace of Los Santos with hours upon hours of polished side-content, and you've got a true masterpiece.

#1. Portal 2

Remaining the most gripping, atmospheric, and intuitively fun flash of pure narrative and game design brilliance, Portal 2 seamlessly makes gameplay the story, and vice-versa. Never taking away control from the player, and allowing you to make your way through the incredibly compelling, side-splitting narrative that blankets Portal 2's surreal puzzle-solving gameplay. Valve has managed to create something truly magnificent out of what could have been a novel puzzle game, and with that not only the best game of this gen, but easily the best video game I have ever played. A taste of the brilliance yet to come in this wonderful medium of ours, as it matures, and leaves its "child plaything" labeling in the dust.

Share with us below what you consider the extreme watermark moments of this gen.

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@Lulu_Lulu: Nobody puts this much work into theirs, do they?

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It's hard for me to label my absolute favorite games of the generation. I'd try, but likely disagree with myself three days later.

Your list is good though.

I mean, I'd take Uncharted 3 off of it in a freaking heart beat but it's still a good list.

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ya and then a bunch of lazy bastards half ass their own lists into your thread, I think its disrespectfull

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of this generation i'm assuming you mean ps3, xbox 360, and wii? the last of us was definitely extremely good, they used an old and constantly recycled for a game and turned it into something 100 times better than any other thriller/zombie/apocalypse/survival game ever released. the characters were compelling, the storyline was fantastic, and the gameplay was unlike anything i've ever seen before.

in my opinion the greatest game of this generation was dark souls. overall the game was a masterpiece. it has a huge, expansive world filled with many different environments, some that you hate, and some that you love. this works because without an area you really hate, there wouldn't be an area worth really loving. the graphics may not have been the best ever, but they're definitely respectable and fit the game. the creators worked extremely hard to make you feel certain things while you play, and i've never seen it done so masterfully before. each area has a certain feel to it, and the creators did a phenomenal job at conveying these feelings onto you. for a lot of the game you're meant to feel alone and helpless, and by using specific lighting, noises, music, and the area around the player, they succeed at this. i've heard far too many people saying there was no storyline, but that couldn't be more wrong. they simply don't provide the entire storyline for you in hours of cutscenes. instead they make you work to figure out the storyline for yourself. through a combination of reading item descriptions, talking to every character and paying attention to everything they say, and piecing events together, the storyline becomes very clear and you realize that not everything is as it seems. the game is filled with loss, suffering, fear, and sadness. for anyone who has played the game and didn't understand the storyline, check out vaatividya's "prepare to cry" videos on youtube, he explains certain characters and parts of the storyline very well. as far as the actual gameplay goes, it is extremely rewarding. by learning the controls and learning from your mistakes, you eventually get through areas that you never thought you could before. there are tons of different enemies, weapons, armors, spells, and areas that make the game feel very big. the bosses are extremely well done and difficult, and it's because they're so difficult that you feel so much happiness and reward once you've finally beaten them. i could talk about this game for hours, but that's the basic reasoning for why i think the game's so amazing.

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@Lulu_Lulu said:

How many of these threads have been created everyweek ?

Slow Day huh ?

These threads "top 10 top 5 top 100 top 1000" are getting old.