The most underrated game of 2013

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Its beyond 2 souls I just finish playing it on my friends ps3 since I was dumb enough to sell mine and this game is just as good as the last of us, its so different from the games you play everyday, I am not sure why this game is not talked about like the last of us.

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@yukushi: People have very mixed feelings about Quantic Dream games. Some don't consider them games at all, while others enjoy their unique take on things. That being said, Beyond: Two Souls is a great, but not as fantastic as The Last of Us. The plot goes a lot of places, and if you make too many decisions that don't mesh well in the overall scheme of things, plot holes start appearing fast. I love the game, but it's far from perfect by any standard.

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Pretty sure it's 2014 now, not 2013.

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Its not a game.... The question is, why do people think thats a bad thing ?

Now more than ever, people are trying justify video games as art.... Not games... Video Games Specifically. Whats messed up about it is they are so desperate to justify it as art that they are willing to move the goal posts and pass off anything as gameplay or part of gaming.

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Shadow Warrior.

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@Lulu_Lulu: I consider it a game if you're given a set of controls on either a controller or a keyboard, and you happen to be able to make the characters do something instead of sitting down and watching things happen. That's what I consider a game nowadays.

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@Lulu_Lulu: Sorry I make you so sad, but that's the way I see it. If I wanna watch a movie, I'll pop a DVD in or go play 10 bucks at the theater and sit my ass down and just passively watch. Anything that lets me have a controller or keyboard and puts control of the main character(s) in my hands is a video game to me. Only reason I say video game is because nobody else calls them anything different consistently.

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Then leave it nameless or use a place holder. We should be more comfortable not having answer until its ready. Jumping onto a premature definition can cause problems, it also makes people stop looking and they settle with that answer. Lets call it Concept 177-440.... Until we find a better name.

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@Lulu_Lulu: Yeah, that's not gonna happen any time soon. We've called them video games for over 50 years, and that isn't gonna change unless everyone agrees on a different name. You might disagree, but it's what we've got. Until then, I'll be content calling them video games as long as I still get some enjoyment out of them, and I'm not just talking about them being fun.

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Theres was nothing like Beyond 50 years ago.... Wait... How do you play Zork again ?

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@Lulu_Lulu: Zork was the beginning and by today's standards, it's a primitive game that not many people even know about. Poor choice in terms of comparison.

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Yeah but I never played it myself, thats why I asked.

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@Lulu_Lulu: That game was a text adventure, nothing at all like Heavy Rain, The Walking Dead, or Beyond: Two Souls. All you do is type things in, and stuff happens at random. With modern games, you can anticipate what's coming next based on your choices, and you can see for yourself what's gonna happen rather than reading about it.

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"...and you can see for yourself what's gonna happen rather than reading about it."

Yeah and ? Whether you read something or see it, both are equally passive, one is just prettier :)

as for choices leading to predictable outcomes well.... I don't see what wrong with random outcomes. You do something and you get an outcome, does the type of outcome really matter, does it matter enough to descredit it from being in the same category ?

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@Lulu_Lulu: I prefer actually controlling someone when it comes to seeing whether or not I win or lose a scenario. As a writer, I write how the action goes, not just say "go forward" and have it happen for me. If it's the case of a Quantic Dream game, even in a fight scene it gives you the option to use a prompt in order to control how a scene goes. You could win a fight unscarred, or you could leave with a bloody nose or a burnt chest. At least you still have control over the outcome in that regard.

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You do that in some Visual Novels too, except they no better than to use action in a word and picture platform, you control the outcome in different ways. Thats still controll, some visual novels can have up to 20 outcomes branching off early in the story. Its easy cause its not expensive and doesn't require as many people and resources, they cangive alot more control and alot more outcomes.

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The Wonderful 101. Fantastic, stylish action with an amazing sense of scale and one of the most satisfying climaxes and finales in video games. Unfortunately so few people played it because video games with game mechanics are scary.

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Its beyond 2 souls I just finish playing it on my friends ps3 since I was dumb enough to sell mine and this game is just as good as the last of us

It's just as good as The Last of Us in that both games are horrible, but for different reasons. While TLOU had a decent story that was let down by agonizingly bad gameplay that's painful to get through, Beyond has no gameplay to get in the way of its story at all. It's odd why Beyond even pretends to involve the player at all when literally none of your choices or actions matter and you can't fail anything. Oddly enough the complete lack of gameplay is the only thing Beyond has going for it since the story and writing are both so laughably idiotic and terrible.

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beyond two souls metro last light tomb raider bioshock infinite tales of xillia diablo 3

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@CTR360 said:

beyond two souls metro last light tomb raider bioshock infinite tales of xillia diablo 3

nice list bud

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Volgarr the Viking

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Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed
Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger

I thought both were rather excellent.

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Yeah Beyond two souls is a great game.

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@Gamerno6666: This and wolfenstein in 2014

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It is great but its not a game.

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@Gamerno6666 said:

Shadow Warrior.

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I enjoyed throwing chairs at children during the birthday party scene. It's A-OK in my book.

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Very much agree with Shadow Warrior.