The most hours (nonstop) you have played a video game?

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#1 Posted by tutorhunky (15 posts) -
I remember playing Hitman 2 for like 15 hours straight when I first got it. My eyes felt like they were going to bleed, haha.
#2 Posted by Shenmue_Jehuty (5207 posts) -

I played about 9-hours straight in order to complete one of the endurance races in Gran Turismo 4. Never again though lol.

#3 Posted by mikeyMKII (754 posts) -

Probably 4-5 hours in Halo and Halo 2 multiplayer nights.

#4 Posted by shinian (6871 posts) -
KoTOR 1 from start to the finish in something like 24 hours. That was my first and last gaming marathon. Never again lol.
#5 Posted by Lucky_Krystal (1730 posts) -

I have poor, sensitive eyesight, the attention span of a rodent, and bad hands, so my longest is nothing special, probably around 4-5 hours.

Jeesus, some of you guys are crazy. 12-24 hours!?

#6 Posted by sukraj (22566 posts) -

3 hours playing Fable 2.

#7 Posted by El_Zo1212o (6010 posts) -
One weekend, my brother and I play GTA4 free mode from 8am until something like 3am, slept til noon, played from then until midnight, then got up for work the next day.
#8 Posted by LJChronx (949 posts) -

Probably like 12 hours or so playing old PC strategy games in the 90's.

#9 Posted by slamminjammin69 (1599 posts) -

If its a game like Baten Kaitos then its going to take more than just an hour to get through it. So 2 to 3 hours tops I spend on a game

#10 Posted by majadamus (10225 posts) -
Played 22 hours straight of FFXI. I would've kept playing longer, but I eventually fell asleep.
#11 Posted by Swanogt19 (24159 posts) -
5-7 hours of Halo 3 with buddies.
#12 Posted by jsmoke03 (12839 posts) -

ive done 12+ hour multiplayer sessions no problem, even beat a couple of campaigns in one sitting....but i don't have an exact timeframe

#13 Posted by ps3theJT (1137 posts) -

Probably around 8 hours. I remember putting in close to 40 hours in Uncharted 2 multiplayer over the course of 3 day cuz it was double xp and was super close to reached the max level. It took me around 260hrs to reach max rank with the help of some double xp weekends.

#14 Posted by GreekGameManiac (6439 posts) -

10-13 hours a day,Skyward Sword,or any other game that i'm obsessed with.

#15 Posted by Canvas_Of_Flesh (4052 posts) -
I think maybe the most I've played in one sitting is 4-5 hours. I'm not really sure. These day's I'm lucky to get 45 min-1 hour after I get home from work.
#16 Posted by EvilSelf (3619 posts) -

10-13 hours of Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas.

#17 Posted by Lucianu (9384 posts) -

Around 6 hours in Xenogears non-stop, and around 4 to 5 hours in Terraria non-stop.

#18 Posted by markop2003 (29917 posts) -
Not the same game but I alternated between Simcity 4 and CSS for 30-something hours
#19 Posted by araksik (531 posts) -

I was doing a series of PCWs and one cup on promod (the esport FPS, modded from CoD4) with my new team. I think the session lasted somewhere around 10 hours. Playing a singleplayer game for hours on end is one thing, but arranged matches in a competitive online game, where I can't take breaks as I please? It was surprisingly fun, but dear god it was tiring:P

#20 Posted by YoshiYogurt (5974 posts) -
7 hours max on a summer day with nothing to do. We used to be on Halo 3 and reach from 7 until 2-3 am and we'll probably be doing that for Halo 4.
#21 Posted by darkmoney52 (4308 posts) -

Once me and some buddies made a point of doing a 24 hour gaming marathon. Started with Castle Crashers, than Gears, and finished with some Halo. To be quite honest, the last 6 hours or so weren't especially fun lol.

#22 Posted by lito119 (70 posts) -

My longest non stop will be Super Smash Bros Brawl and it was like 10 to 12 hours on a sunday.

Usually now the most non stop I do is 2 to 3 hours at least once every two weeks.

#23 Posted by SoNin360 (5438 posts) -
I can't remember specifically, but I think the longest I've gone nonstop is an upwards of 8 hours. I usually have to give myself breaks, no matter how absorbed in a game, so I've probably surpassed 8 hours total in a day multiple times.
#24 Posted by gpuFX16 (1296 posts) -

10 straight hours of GTA SA. Years ago, when I did'nt really know any better. Started at around 6pm one Saturday afternoon, ended 4am-ish the next morning. Not something I'm 100% proud of, as I could never do that again. 3-4 hours is the max for me these days. After too long, I feel like I have to get up and do something else.

#25 Posted by Kevlar101 (6101 posts) -
8 hours. My longest single gaming sessions was GTA4. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood comes in second, I spent 7 hours at one time playing that. I only made a little bit of actual story progress though, I was mostly doing side quests.
#26 Posted by el3m2tigre (4232 posts) -

Over 10 hours on an MMO.

#27 Posted by GeoffZak (3715 posts) -

The first game that comes to mind is Sonic 06.

It was one of the first games I got with my PS3. I remember having so much fun playing that game.

After I got it, I spent the rest of the day playing all the way through Sonic's story. It must've been like 6 or 7 hours straight. So much fun I couldn't stop myself.

#28 Posted by PublicNuisance (4582 posts) -

When Alpha Protocol was released I played for 15 hours minus a couple of bathroom breaks and the first time I played WOW I played for 12 straight hours without even realizing it.

#29 Posted by bowserjr123 (1624 posts) -

Probably around 8-10 hours, but I have 5-6 hour sessions often if I'm extremely addicted to games like Castlevania SotN, Xenoblade, and SMG 2.

#30 Posted by Namgis (3575 posts) -

maybe 4. Unless we're counting my leaving GT4 on for 24hrs for the endurance races. If not, then I'll go with 4 maybe 5 hours. Not in a long time though. So long that I can't remember what was the last one. I'd guess, RE4 on PS2.

#31 Posted by Venom_Raptor (6958 posts) -

I put in a lot of hours of gaming during the week, but I never really go more than 2 hours without stopping to get a drink or something.

#33 Posted by draz222 (1 posts) -

ive reached something like 16 or 18 hours on weekends when i was OBSSESED with skyrim or BF1942 multiplauer, what games..

#34 Posted by Flubbbs (3051 posts) -

probally 20+ hours of Ultima Online

#35 Posted by Minishdriveby (9839 posts) -

36 hours for Skyward Sword. It was the last day I was home for christmas break, and I didn't want to bring my Wii back to the dorm with me for Spring Semester; I beat Skyward Sword 100%. It might have skewed my perspective on the game a bit.

#36 Edited by Wild_man_22 (585 posts) -

Sadly World of Warcraft. 10 hours learning Kil'Jaeden fight in BC. Yuck city, but the most on console is probably Silent Hill Shattered memories. I did like 8 hours with one full play through. That game just really grabbed my attention for some reason.

#37 Posted by El_Zo1212o (6010 posts) -

Something like 17 hours the day GTAO went live. It took us something like 45 minutes of screwing around before my brother and I could get into the same game and we didn't want to risk getting off and not being able to get back on.

#38 Posted by Ballroompirate (22745 posts) -

Played for 25 hours straight once in WoW/Wotlk....that was a day of waaay too many Monster drinks and Taco Bell.

#39 Posted by huerito323 (1374 posts) -

Probably like 8 hours straight, playing ES:IV Oblivion and another time playing COD: MW2.

#40 Posted by Korvus (3526 posts) -

If you actually mean how many hours without even pausing the game to get a drink or use the restroom, probably 5-6; if you mean hours a day, I used to do close to 10-15 hours quite often way back during summer vacations.

#41 Posted by Klunt_Bumskrint (3803 posts) -

Yay i win, back in 1997 I was unemployed for a short while. Final fantasy 7 came out and I played that baby for 37 and a half hours.

I then slept and played some more.

Those were the days.

#42 Posted by alim298 (1317 posts) -

played 23 hours of dark souls in 3 days.

#43 Posted by Gr0wl (311 posts) -

Played 12 hours of Counter Strike 1.6 for about 2 weeks. Needless to say, I did not feel that good after I finished this insane practice mode.

#44 Posted by Affectless (8 posts) -

Played 12 hour of NBA2k14, that's all. That's still addictive cause i like that game so much.

#45 Posted by Tokeism (2332 posts) -

Maybe 8 hours, would have done this in Halo 2 and 3, maybe TF2 and Skyrim on first release

#46 Posted by Jacanuk (4325 posts) -

I remember playing Hitman 2 for like 15 hours straight when I first got it. My eyes felt like they were going to bleed, haha.

Played Fallout 3 for around 36h during a summerbreak.

#47 Edited by jdc6305 (3826 posts) -

I played cod 4 multiplayer for 16 hours. I had post traumatic stress disorder by the time I was done. When I laid down to sleep and closed my eyes I keep seeing grenades blowing up.

#48 Posted by johnd13 (8072 posts) -

8-9 hours when I first started playing Skyrim. Had to satisfy my enormous hype for the game.

#49 Edited by Cloud_imperium (2934 posts) -

Freelancer . That game is so addicting . Played it whole day after day until it was finished . But I do take a break after 3-4 hours of gameplay and sleep at night :-P

Same Goes for Total War games , specially Shogun 2 .

Another game that had me playing it nonstop , and I woke up at 4 am to install it (because downloading was about to complete when I slept at 12am) was Alan Wake . Incredible game .

#50 Posted by gamerdude970 (357 posts) -

I played persona 4 for 30 hours straight. i only took breaks to use the bathroom and eat.