The game you spent the most hours on

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#1 Posted by nbessiner (731 posts) -

For me it would have to be pokemon. I put over 500 hours in that game.

#2 Posted by Lionereviewer (71 posts) -

Oblivion/Fallout 3.

3000 hours + combined.

#3 Posted by YoungSinatra25 (4314 posts) -
Halo:CE, COD4... Pokemon on GBA *sighs* I was addicted. It was like crack.
#4 Posted by Atmanix (6927 posts) -

Final Fantasy VI(jp)/3(us). I've played through this game dozens of times.

#5 Posted by Beard_ (1066 posts) -

Star Ocean 3. I've played through it 20+ times, and have probably sunk 2000+ hours into it.

#6 Posted by Floppy_Jim (25834 posts) -
Advance Wars DS, over 1000 hours.
#7 Posted by liffi (254 posts) -

SAd thing I have to say is... Think it is World of warcraft or warhammer online. Played so long these games and spend too many hours online that I am scared to count them. But if I think a normal game... I think games like civ4 would take the win. I have spend days playing it and every time when I want to quit the game I think "Just one more turn". Now that game is addicted game.

#8 Posted by Pirson (297 posts) -

Unfortunatly it would probably be WoW. What a sick waste of time that was.

#9 Posted by Gun-Unit (9857 posts) -

Halo 3 i would put first,followed by littlebigplanet and Command & Conquer Red Alert 2.If you count mmo's FFXI and WoW probabley more so then Halo 3.

#10 Posted by Bridgelayer (236 posts) -

For me it would be Fallout 3. It was the first time I had played one of the Fallout games and loved it. I think i logged almost 200 to 250 hours into that game since getting it.

Next would have to be the first Modern Warfare. Online was very addictive!

#11 Posted by Crimsader (11672 posts) -

Stronghold Crusader 8)

#12 Posted by rragnaar (27023 posts) -
I'm thinking it has to be Oblivion for me. I've owned the PS3, 360 and PC versions of the game and poured hundreds of hours into each. I may start a new character in it soon.:) Fallout 3, Demon's Souls and Lumines are all runners up.
#13 Posted by nav_auron (15619 posts) -

Probably EVE Online. After that, maybe FFX or Oblivion.

#14 Posted by Dracula68 (33109 posts) -
I would say PS2---either EQOA or FF XI.
#15 Posted by PublicNuisance (4582 posts) -

I spent around 75 hours on Neverwinter Nights. The worst part is I couldn't beat it ebcause I gimped my character by making him too jack of all trades. I couldn't beat the two dragons near the end.

#16 Posted by kfjl (2469 posts) -
I surpassed the 3,100 hour mark in WoW.
#17 Posted by -DirtySanchez- (32760 posts) -
Final Fantasy Tactics, put atleast 1000 hours into it and thats just completed games, ive played so many more times then that
#18 Posted by -DirtySanchez- (32760 posts) -
I surpassed the 3,100 hour mark in WoW.kfjl
ah crap yea wow, i forgot about that wonderful time sink, certianly put more time in that then on tactics, id wager about 4000 to 5000 hours
#19 Posted by racing1750 (14563 posts) -
COD4- 600 + hours.
#20 Posted by Polybren (1679 posts) -
Disagea. More than 100 hours on the PS2 version, then another 100 on the PSP re-release. Also, Giant Gram 2000: All Japan Pro Wrestling 3 for the Dreamcast. I put more than 100 hours into a single created wrestler. I love that game.
#21 Posted by burgeg (3599 posts) -

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

#22 Posted by majinstrings (3109 posts) -

Pokemon Pearl Version...

Well over 1000 stops keeping track after 999:59...and mine has been at that amount for about 2 years...

#23 Posted by one_plum (6364 posts) -

Counter-Strike 1.6

Still playing

#24 Posted by TacticalDesire (10713 posts) -
Sadly the terrible mmorpg of runescape although that was awhile ago luckily quit now still 2500-3500 hrs in it. =/
#25 Posted by Xeros606 (11126 posts) -
CoD4. 250 hours logged, and that's only multiplayer. Throw in 50 or so more since I beat it multiple times on all the difficulty settings. Halo 3 is probably my second most played game. I've played well over 1600 matches in matchmaking alone. I've also spent lots of time in campaign to get skulls and to bet it on Heroic and Legendary.
#26 Posted by gamer_10001 (2588 posts) -

Probably Ocarina of Time. I've beaten it that game many, many times over with playthroughs varying from 6 hours to 10 depending on my memory and how much I complete.

#27 Posted by woonsa (6321 posts) -
I can't really remember but the latest would be Mass Effect 2.
#28 Posted by yokofox33 (30484 posts) -

Definitely Pokemon. Probably thousands of hours spread across all the games. Also spent a good 100+ hours on FFX and FFXII across a couple playthroughs.

#29 Posted by Darek_Khort (158 posts) -

Ragnarok Online. I played for, what? 6-8yrs? That War of Emperium is addictive.

#30 Posted by Hanzoadam (6576 posts) -

Final Fantasy VII

#31 Posted by EL1TESN1P3S (345 posts) -
GTA IV for me i played that game all the time for a year
#32 Posted by Doctor_Chris (34 posts) -

Oblivion and Fallout 3. I love Bethesda :D

#33 Posted by LongZhiZi (2453 posts) -
The longest that I'm sure (between Xfire and saved games) is GTA IV. I know I have about 110 recorded hours in that game. But there's so many other games I've probably put more into but have no idea of specific numbers. Games such as Civilization 3, Winning Eleven 9, Morrowind, and Goldeneye. But again, no actual numbers for those.
#34 Posted by GalufUndies (103 posts) -

Well of actual game play, had to be a Final Fantasy game. Of actual time margin, it has to be a game I started playing and haven't been back to in a while.

#35 Posted by Nifty_Shark (13137 posts) -
I think this generation it would be Oblivion.
#36 Posted by btaylor2404 (11353 posts) -
Either GTA SA, GOW I or II. Not sure, but I've played them all many, many times.
#37 Posted by drug_lab (58 posts) -
I did put a huge amount of hours into Pokemon, so I guess that would be high up on the list. I played Harvest Moon: Back to Nature and FF VIII to death as well.
#38 Posted by N7v1K0 (5755 posts) -

Mass Effect 1 - 27 playthroughs, soon to increase :P

Mass Effect 2 - 4 playthroughs, increasing right now :D

#39 Posted by Dracula68 (33109 posts) -
Mass Effect 2 - 4 playthroughs, increasing right now :D

I give you a ton of credit because after that debacle they call "scanning" I can't even bring myself to play it a second time. I rather go back to the original which I feel was a much better game anyway.
#40 Posted by Rumble_Stud (111 posts) -

Oblivion. God I loved that game, 1st time I felt truly immersed.

#41 Posted by Rusteater (4030 posts) -

Morrowind. 350+

Probably going to start a new character soon.

#42 Posted by N7v1K0 (5755 posts) -

[QUOTE="N7v1K0"]Mass Effect 2 - 4 playthroughs, increasing right now :D


I give you a ton of credit because after that debacle they call "scanning" I can't even bring myself to play it a second time. I rather go back to the original which I feel was a much better game anyway.

Yeah, the scanning is terrible. I much prefered the "Press A" option in ME1 :P

#43 Posted by Fat_Boy_PT (648 posts) -
Fallout 3 104 hours!
#44 Posted by Strider_91 (6570 posts) -
A ridiculous amount on WoW
#45 Posted by homieboy (3279 posts) -

Warriors Orochi 2 (PSP) 800-1000 hours in roughly

Oblivion/fallout 3 around 2500 hours

WoW 2000 hours or lower.

#46 Posted by JustPlainLucas (75127 posts) -
Would have to be FFXI. No idea how much time I put in that game... easily 1000+ hours.
#47 Posted by cynwri8 (308 posts) -
So far it's FF XII. I just started Oblivion, I see that taking it's place.
#48 Posted by Mr_Cumberdale (10189 posts) -
Well besides pokemon and MMORPGs', FFXII. I spent around 88 hours on it.
#49 Posted by IxX3xil3d0n3XxI (1508 posts) -
In Final Fantasy XI my playtime was over 365 days. In WoW my playtime combined from all my alts was around 220 days Beyond MMO's id have to say CoD4, Disgaea, FFX
#50 Posted by berobnx (2931 posts) -

Diablo 2 and Lineage 2, Warcraft 3,,, but for more recent games, i would say Dawn of war 2 and Fallout 3