The Fallen Immortals FREE Browser-Based MMORPG

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This is MMORPG has advanced far in development but is lacking players ultimately. While we offer a community that you can interact with; there is also many options this game provides that can grab the attention of a 100 year old man! - Auto Attack - Mining and Forge for advanced weapons - Raise your Stats how you want to with Stat Points every level! - Rand drops for Gold, Stat Points, Blood, Mystery Bags, Demon Spawns, Cash, Items, and more! -Fighter class with advancements: Fighter II Fighter III Fighter IV Fighter V Assassin Assassin II Assassin III Assassin IV Assassin V Warrior - Mage class with advancements: Mage II Mage III Mage IV Mage V Sorcerer Sorcerer II Sorcerer III Sorcerer IV Sorcerer V Elemental -Group Demon boss fights with two types(Beginners, and Advance) -Guild options to increase Gold and Experience gains in Battle -Gain free Cash by using the Vote page -Climb to the top list and pass your friends -Scavenger for rewards. -Pvp system like no other! This is only so little of what The Fallen Immortals brings to the table of MMORPG's out there! Come Join us today to see what else you can do. There is always someone logged in to help!