The death of Quality.

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If you're a fan of Nintendo and really care about Mario games or just Games in general it would be nice of you to read this. I would also like to start off by saying I know the majority of people will disagree with me but that's okay, I'm used to it.

So Sometime yesterday it was announced that one of Nintendo's first party 3DS games, Mario golf world tour, Would be receiving 3 DLC packs.The packs would consist of 108 new holes and 4 new characters. Each pack will be $6 on its own or $15 all together trough a season pass. The first pack will be available on the day of launch and others will be coming shortly after. So yes, Mario golf world tour will be receiving day one DLC.

I'm having a hard time even trying to write what I want to say because of how sad this makes me. Nintendo has always been a gaming company that put out amazing,polished, quality games that are worthy of being called works of art. for years now they have put out complete games that don't need DLC. Their games where just always so good and so fun and worth paying full price for and then keeping them forever and going back to them.

One of the most fun parts about Nintendo games for me growing up was going through for hours and unlocking all the extra stages and hidden characters in games like Super Smash bros. and Mario Kart.Those were things that made Nintendo Games truly special and last way longer than other games. It extended the play time by a tremendous amount. It looks like this will be something that will go away now.By launching day one DLC for Mario Golf world tour they are essentially holding content that could be free back behind a pay wall. If it is launching day one then that means it is already finished and should be in the game.Those characters should be unlockables,and This DLC should be a free update. What they are doing is taking part of the game out and making you pay extra for it.

The sad thing is that this is just the start. Nintendo would rather make loads if money than create quality products that last a lifetime. DLC will most like first come to Mario Kart. I believe that in Mario kart you will no longer be able to unlock characters,Karts,or tracks and all will be DLC. I also think this will happen to Super Smash bros. With its characters and fighting arenas. Then it will happen to Pokemon, With extra Pokemon and items in the shop. This will be the death of Complete Long lasting quality Nintendo games. Their games have always been perfect for DLC,Expansions and Micro-transactions

The horrible thing about this is that most gamers want it to happen. They think that it is essential in order for Nintendo to "get with the times". Yeah. I guess so.If by "the times" you mean ripping off your loyal fan base while making away like bandits.

But you don't care. None of you care. Iv'e been told time and time again that I'm just an overreacting fanboy who needs to shut up and grow up. Iv'e been told that I care way to much and that it's hilarious.

They are right. I do care. I care way to much about Nintendo and Gaming in general. I care so much that I took the time to write this peace of crap.I care so much that I'm constantly online writing in forums and in comments sections just trying to get my voice to be heard. The future of gaming is probably one of the things that I think about the most and it absolutely kills me when something like this happens.

I never thought that Nintendo would do this,but they did. They gave into the greed. They have shown that they care more about money.and it is a very sad day when even Nintendo gives up and joins the crowd. I don't even know what I'm saying anymore. This will probably be the most stupid thing anyone has ever read. But that's ok. I just want my voice to be out there somewhere. I suppose it is time to just give up, give in, and stop fighting for what I think is right.If No one cares anymore, Then why should I.

This news is just rather depressing. (please leave me loads of hate in the comments below and make sure not to share this, ok bye)

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Don't be mad at Nintendo or any other corporate entity. The reason this even happens is because theres people out there stupid enough to pay for it. Thats where the real issue lies, no matter whatever is wrong with industry I promise you, you will most definately trace i back to a cosumer. They can only get away with what people are willing to pay for....

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@Lulu_Lulu: And that's the terrible part. Nintendo are listening to the wrong people. They are looking at the people who buy COD and madden every year and spend Hundreds of dollars in Microtransactions on each installment,Rather than looking at their true fans who buy their good games and make them all their money. They're looking at games like candy crush and angry birds and how much money they make off of micro-transactions and ripping people off. With Nintendo abandoning their morals, I find there to be little to no hope for the industry.

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Yeah I'm not reading all that. But honestly I'm sure this won't be a constant trend with Nintendo.

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I have no problem with dlc. If I enjoy the main game, great, I'll then check out the dlc and if I enjoy that, even better. I've purchased quite a few games that have dlc available for them and then went on to purchase a fair share of dlc for some. Whether or not though I've always felt that there was quality put into the games I've purchased.

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@turtlethetaffer: LOL I wouldn't read all of that either..And I Don't know. It depends on how much money they make off of people who really want to play as Gold Mario..

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@Archangel3371: That's cool.

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@ arrow2thekneeXD

That maybe true, but heres the thing.... When they impliment it.... Its gona sell, that where the problem lies because of those people who actually paid for this crap knowingly. they no they're being sold DLC that shouldve been part of the game and yet the damn near break their fingers scrambling to get all their money out of their pockets just for the privelage.

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@Lulu_Lulu: I %100 agree. The consumer has pushed Nintendo into doing this. And it will be up to them to keep the ball rolling.

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i remember when i got my snes and got super mario world free with it. So I can see why you feel the quality/value has dropped so much. Nintendo should be a bit less greedy with the DLCs, but this goes for all game companies, they should more often release free game addons instead of charging for everything over and over.

Not saying all DLCs should be free, some are practically new games and so well done they are worth the cost.

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@ arrow2thekneeXD

Well.... Nintendo is no good to me in this state. I hope they get broke. :)

I'm not usually this petty but these are desperate times, and my console is starting to become more of a glorified giant paper weight.

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So let me get this

You think that having DLC is a lowering of the quality? you couldn't be more wrong Nintendo is not doing anything but using their IP´s to earn them some much needed cash.

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@Old_Gooseberry: Yeah, but there is never a good excuse for putting Day one DLC in a game. I almost feel betrayed as a loyal Nintendo fan.. I'm worried it will only get worse from here.

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At the end of the day everyone else is capitalising on the DLC market so why shouldn't Nintendo? It's a business after all their sole objective is making as much money as possible.

Just to add, sorry but no way was I reading all that.

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According to an interview I read, the new Mario Golf game is going to have approximately the same number of holes as in previous installments. To me, that says that day 1 DLC or no, paid or no, this is additional content and not content excised in order to be resold.

Now, if you check my earliest blogs around here, you'll see one I wrote a few weeks after the launch of the 3DS regarding the end of content delivery for free via spotpass and the eventual rise of paid DLC on 3DS. I felt vindicated when Fire Emblem Awakening announced it, and now, doubly so.

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Come on you guys think about this realistically and not off emotion. Nintendo's competitors are using this Dlc market and why shouldn't Nintendo do the same. Although it can upset a supportive portion of their consumer base it will keep business active so they can continue doing what they do and that's bring us quality games.

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@arrow2thekneeXD: This is not a stupid thing to discuss. It is fine. Actually, people have been for and against day-one for years, and we have been talking about it.

For video game makers (suppliers), it is a way to establish compensation for the long hours of dedicated work they put into any particular title. For gamers (consumers), it is more money to buy what used to be part of the original purchase of a game copy. PC gamers still have more free additional content than console ones and I think that is a difference of platforms. If there were two areas that software platforms exist in when built with one being more closed and the other being less closed video game consoles would be in the more closed platforms side and PCs would be in the less closed. With that in mind, considering the online infrastructures for video game consoles were becoming a collective normalcy, the monetization of Xbox Live, and the prevalence of free-to-play games downloading content at a cost was something that was seems to be something that gained momentum mainly because customers bought into it. Additional content had been available for download on PC for years and for free, but not really for consoles. As far as I know, when the seventh generation were the latest consoles game makers had a decision to make and they chose to release DLC at a cost. Nintendo is going along with a sales trend. I will not curse them doing what earns many other game makers money because gamers it. My personal wish is that there remains at least one console on the market remains without a paid online multiplayer service, but a free one. It would be good for competition. With Nintendo doing stuff like selling day-one DLC, it may be only a matter of time before that company makes a console which charges for online services.

At least the quality is likely to be good since it will be by Nintendo.

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I have no trouble with DLC. It's been around for years, although I agree day 1 DLC is a scummy practice. What I do have trouble with is Nintendo's insistence on tying digital content to the machine and not the cloud. This makes it impossible for me to buy it as I adamantly refuse to support such an antiquated, anti-consumer practice that other companies have moved on from a decade ago. A decade. That's plain nuts. If Nintendo's going to go this route, they had better get their fucking act together, and fast. They're putting the cart way before the horse.

I suppose the notion that Nintendo is a gaming company that cares for gamers and has our best interests in mind was idealistic malarkey. They are not above DLC and MTs apparently (and are experimenting with F2P), they were just years behind the curve like everything else. Incompetence mistaken for virtue. They are the same as Sony and MS, but at least those companies respect us enough to give us user-friendly accounts and features and don't expect us to rebuy the same games at exorbitant prices.

It's insane to me people would even humor buying digital from Nintendo these days. As far as I'm concerned, DLC is the least of their worries. Heck, they don't even have the fundamental foundation in place for digital distribution.

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I have a mixed take on this. Would I want to buy another Mario Golf game 18 months or two years later, or would I rather keep the same game with more content added? I think about how much I played Advance Tour and it certainly reached a point where more courses would have been nice. The negative side of it for me is maybe not even tangible right now, but deals with what happens when all is said and done and 3ds is no longer around--does the content cease to exist, or perhaps a new "greatest hits" card will be developed down the line.

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Everyone acts like DLC is something new. It is not. I remember when I was a kid most of the PC games I played had expansion packs. Sure, you couldn't download them or access them as easily as you can today, but they existed. DLC is an extension of that. Gearbox have released excellent DLC for Borderlands and Borderlands 2 filled with tons of content and new levels. Firaxis always release 2 expansions for the Civilization games that build and even change the core mechanics of the game and are also full of content and scenarios. FromSoft released Artorias of the Abyss DLC for Dark Souls which was also amazing and filled with content.

If you buy day 1 horse armour, then that is up to you. If you want to buy 3 maps from IW for £15, then that is up to you. I have been guilty of COD map pack purchases (not the horse amour, though). Supply and demand. The masses demand it and the suppliers oblige. I'm not saying I endorse it or anything, just that I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who did buy it day 1 which justified, to the company at least, the release of such DLC. It's simple economics, son. I don't understand it at all but, god, I love it.

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Hey, don't be sad. Noone has called you an 'overreacting fanboy' yet. :-D Also, I read your entire text. :-D

Anyway, I can only approach this from a personal and more general perspective (since I do not play Nintendo games), but so far I have never played a game with (day one) dlc, where the main game didn't feel like a complete experience or where the dlc felt like it should have been part of the main game. I also do not feel like I'm spending more money on games than I used to, because frequent online sales almost always get me games significantly cheaper. But well, Nintendo really appears to be a separate story.

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This is why I hate 'business' and why I wish it would keep its greedy hands off of my art. DLC is the second worst thing in gaming after lag. It seems to be getting worse, I remember back playing my original xbox online and for a lot of games dlc would only take a couple of months until it was free, now things stay full price years later, season passes, day one DLC gahd!...

But enough of this negativity! For I think there will always be artists in the gaming industry, Kitase's, Lavine's, Kojima's etc. That will make the game they WANT to make, so quality should always remain as the mind of a true artist exists purely external to the regimes of business.

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Dunno where people get off calling Nintendo greedy because this is their one of their first games with a significant amount of DLC when the rest of the industry has been doing it since the PS3/360 launch.

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@DaHaloGod: pretentious much?

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@El_Zo1212o: Don't really see how what I said is fake or egotistical in any way... I'm just quite passionate about art, you're probably just weirded out by my heavy assosciation between art and video games.

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@DaHaloGod: Art is timeless. 50 years from now, no one is going to remember there there was a Japanese perv named Hideo Kojima.

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@El_Zo1212o: Not all art is timeless, nor does it have to be. It may so be that it is enjoyed only in a particular region of time, there is a great quote on this.

"Some artists leave remarkable thing which, a hundred years later, don’t work at all. I have left my mark; my work is hung in museums, but maybe one day the Tate Gallery or the other museums will banish me to the cellar... you never know." - Francis Bacon

Who btw is a brilliant and hugely respected artist, chech out his works if you haven't already.

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@DaHaloGod: Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Beethoven, Jimi Hendrix- these people are artists.

Molyneux, Levine, Miyamoto, Kojima... These people are tinkers and toymakers.

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@El_Zo1212o: I think they're all artists, some much more proficient than others. Even Molyneux, yes he may be somewhat of a liar but listening to the man speak and the romantistry and feeling he uses you can definitely tell he operates under artistic principles.

Artists have a particular way of speaking, its not easy at first but after a while you can identify it.

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Please lets not get into the Video Games are art Debate. It never ends well.

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Unfortunately I think the game industry has already travelled down the dlc path some time ago and won't be coming back. Nintendo are simply catching up with everybody else. I don't particularly agree with it, but have come to accept it. I do however think that dlc that launchs with the game is a bit much. I am going to get the Mario Golf dlc pass because I believe it is good value.

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What's wrong with buying a 3DS game that has just as much content if not more content in it than other games in the series for a price that is $10 less than most 3DS games and having 108 more holes for $15 more once you finish the main game? Seems like a good plan.

I would hope Mario Kart 8 and SSB has similar add-ons for characters that didn't make it into games already full of content.

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Yes some of it is due to quality but also maybe as a gaming market we've just become jaded to so many things. We've played a little bit of everything to the point that most games seem mundane.

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Yes some of it is due to quality but also maybe as a gaming market we've just become jaded to so many things. We've played a little bit of everything to the point that most games seem mundane.