The DaVinci Code for PC

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#1 Posted by hannahnu202 (25 posts) -
Could anyone help me? I am stuck in front of the Mona Lisa and can't seem to figure out what I need to do next to get on with the game. Thanks.
#2 Posted by Nightelf123 (42 posts) -

you'l have to use that item that you have picked up that has laser.

#3 Posted by weddy321 (25 posts) -
You cross the Grand Hall, you press the left button to raise the gate. You cross the room quietly and go behind the police quietly. You arrive in a new room, you get the pole on the ground and go quietly you place behind the guard to knock him out. In the wagon, you get a black light. You get to the picture of the Mona Lisa. You look with the black light and pass it on each sign in order to color them offshore merchant account
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Just what i was searching for!! thank you!