The best shooter (your opinion)

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Hello, I would like to begin the small discussion, what shooter the best? I suggest to write on two games. Not important what year of release, the most important this that that game already would leave! My opinion:
1) Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare
2) Serious Sam

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1) BioShock. It built upon the idea of gameplay and world-building and allowing the player to discover the story on their own.

2) Spec Ops: The Line. Turned the modern military shooter on its head with a more personal and realistic story about PTSD and how far a player is actually willing to go to reach the end goal.

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1. Half-Life - for me, the flat-out greatest FPS ever. Excellent pacing, great gunplay, fun weapons, enemies, set-pieces, fantastic design, superbly presented story all make the ultimate FPS experience.
2. Unreal Tournament 99/2004 - Tie between those two; most fun multiplayer FPS I've ever played

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FEAR , Riddick EFBB , Half-Life , Bioshock , COD MW2 and previous releases ,Battlefield (BC2,3) , The Punisher , Max Payne , you can even count Resident Evil 5 in since its not a horror series since RE 4 , i mean they tried in 6 and i liked it but still not matching with it roots enough .

These are the ones that i remember it doesn't mean there is no better .

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YAY ! Yet another list thread ! ! !

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@Lulu_Lulu: Go away.

On topic, umm Story wise spec ops the line

Gameplay wise, Half life 2.

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Gears of War 3 still reigns as the top shooter in my opinion.

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@Lulu_Lulu said:

YAY ! Yet another list thread ! ! !

Yay! Another sarcastic comment from you!

But I guess I would go with the BioShock series if we're looking strictly at FPS. I can really only enjoy a FPS anymore if it has at least a decent story or very good gameplay. And it's hard to stand out in the gameplay department when you're a FPS. So what I'm saying is that I really love BioShock for its storytelling elements, although it does have fairly unique gameplay. Oh, plus it's nice to be able to explore some in a FPS as opposed to it being a linear, set piece-riddled, 4-5 hour ride.

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TLoU and Combat Evolved.

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YAY ! Yet another list thread ! ! !

don't list your f**ks this time

on topic,my opinion might differ from everyone because of my really special tastes in FPS genre.
Crysis series: Blended innovative gameplay with sandbox shooting style. Really up my alley.
Return To Castle Wolfenstien : Considering the time it was released, the environments were just amazing and awe-inspiring. The guns had that satisfying feeling which compelled you to use them least me because I usually opt for the stealthy way in FPS games by using knives or pistols but RTCW was the only game in which I really did use guns to the extent where I ran out of ammo (yes that's an unusual thing for me).

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First person shooter: Far Cry

Third person shooter: Infamous

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Far Cry 3 was my favorite I loved running around the jungles with a pimped out bow

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My no.1 FPS will always be Half-Life 2.

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My personal favorite shooter is the original BioShock, hands down. And I also can't find it in me to call Half-Life 2 a "great" game. To me, it's average at best.

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it's rare to see that said, but i tend to agree. HL2 is very average. i mean, look at Doom 3... it was released around the same-ish time... it was "average" but at least it didn't claim to be anything other then Doom with a paint job and some good shadow effects... it was... basic... but it was still fun as it's latter titles... HL2 became more of the kinda thing you'd see in HL hard mode. bullet sponges eating up your limited ammo, and running around trying to dart into some health packs and ammo to keep playing against cardboard box enemies which AI's haven't been drastically improved since the latter game, for whatever reasons... i dunno... the best part is getting back to City 17, and then yeah... the sand trap level is fuggin hard... too hard... especially when the game is already an endurance test after the third level.

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1. Vanquish.
2. Resident Evil 4.