That One Game You Were So Excited from Reveal to Release

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Where every day, you would check for updates, or even join some forums for the actual game/fansites, etc. and know everything about it...

For me, WarCraft 3. Followed that game religiously the day it was announced. The moment they gave a release date, and then said it has gone gold, many, my excitement was off the roofs!

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While there were others, the one that takes the cake is The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Twilight Princess looked to be this amazingly epic Zelda title, one that would prove a nice contrast to the wonderful Wind Waker. I'd read up on everything I could with the game while being careful to avoid spoiling the game for myself by seeing too much. What made the wait even worse was the fact that it released on Wii before it released on Gamecube and I wasn't ready to purchase the new console just yet. So I waited.

But I took part in so many discussions too, it was a great time theorizing what this new dark Zelda game could be about. My theory was that it was a prequel to The Wind Waker, a tale of a new Link rising up to stop the evil Ganon and save Hyrule, typical Zelda fare. Thing is, the people of Hyrule remember the story a little differently from here. It wasn't that the Hero of Time didn't appear to stop Ganon, it was that Link actually failed in stopping the evil lord. I imagined the epic final battle ending with Link failing, Zelda watching with a bow in her hand in horror. The player would take control of the princess and attempt to hinder Ganon for a brief moment so that you could get her to climb up the Tower of the Gods and call out to the Sages a prayer, one that would save the kingdom from Ganon's clutches and flood the land.

I had never been so incredibly hyped for a video game before; although the story didn't go exactly how I thought it would, the game still met expectations and is actually one of my favorite games of all time.

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Lately, that game was The Last of Us. Followed it ever since the reveal trailer. I didn't really know what to expect though. I'm glad I let the game speak for itself in the end.

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I'd say the entirety of the N64 launch period. It was the only console in history to really reinvent the way games are played. It wasn't just the games and how good they were, but also how exciting it was to have everything feel fresh again. It was like the NES all over again.

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I'd say for me it's a tie between Twilight Princess and Smash Bros Brawl. I was mega hyped for the both of them, more hyped than I have been for anything in my life.

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Hmmmm good question... Bioshock Infinite comes to mind. Also Mass Effect 2 & 3.

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Socom 4. Unfortunately, it was a massive disappointment. When I look back, I feel ashamed to have followed what was going on with that game for so long.

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Usually it was/is games from these franchises:

  • Halo
  • Gears of War
  • Mass Effect
  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Resident Evil
  • Street Fighter
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Arkham City - and it didn't disappoint. Loved every waking moment of it. I had to slow myself down from completing it cause I wanted the moment to last.

Now Arkham Knight is coming up and I'm so excited!

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#1 on my list would be Halo 2. The hype from E3 2002 until it came out in '04 was just insane.

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Paper Mario thousand year door, since Paper Mario was my absolute favorite game on N64 at the time, as soon as I knew it was coming I always scanned gameinformer's and nintendo power for any information, also I remember asking some guy at eb games every time I went in if I could pre-order it :p Then when I did, I started counting down the days on the calender.

That game was perfect.

Now, i'm patiently waiting for Bayonetta 2 and the improved port of bayo 1 like an adult...


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There are many more than one.

Several of them were the following:

  1. Final Fantasy VIII
  2. Final Fantasy IX
  3. Final Fantasy X
  4. Kingdom Hearts
  5. Onimusha
  6. Onimusha 2
  7. Dragonball Tenkaichi
  8. Gears of War
  9. Halo 2
  10. Halo 3
  11. Ninja Gaiden II
  12. Mass Effect
  13. Marvel vs Capcom 3
  14. Street Fighter IV
  15. Tenchu III: Wrath of Heaven
  16. Shinobi
  17. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  18. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  19. Mario Kart Wii
  20. Metroid Prime
  21. Metal Gear Solid 2 and Substance
  22. Metal Solid 3 and Subsistence
  23. Metal Gear Solid 4
  24. Killzone: Shadowfall
  25. Psi Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy
  26. Demon's Souls

I could continue.

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Heavy Rain.Because Fahrenheit had blown my mind.

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When I'm really excited about a game, I tend to try and avoid any news or details beyond the initial trailer or gameplay video, especially as it gets close to release. It's a much better experience when everything is a surprise. It's like watching just one trailer for a movie vs 5 trailers + 12 tv spots + a couple of interviews... You end up knowing too much about it, and it works the same way for games.