Tanktics like game (build customized units/robots/machines) - any ideas?

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Hello, I very much liked the idea presented in a game Tanktics. But it was not that great as it could have been. Another pretty old strategy game with this kind of features was Mutarium. I just remembered those and now I am searching for some game where a player can build some robots or machines and even maybe make a little programming of their behaviour... It could be a strategy or some kind of sim. Faster then light is also something looking interesting to me these days. Any more ideas welcomed!
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and one would think that gamespot forums are one of the most popular and active...
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Hello, Your title had me interested... but well ok, no one answered. So I guess I will give it my 3 cents, although I am not sure I fully understand what you are looking for. I am not aware of a recent game that would really fit your need, although I would love to play such a game. Reading your post makes me think of: - Robo Rally, a tabletop game where you did indeed program the moves of your robots simultaneously with other players and they got resolved (with bumps pushing you off course etc). There is bound to be some kind of video game adaptatio of this, I am sure.Frozen Synapse sort of uses the same idea for gameplay. - Should I assume you planed good-ol' Battle Isle (PC) and the Advance Wars (GBA and DS) series? - Same thing for the Front Mission (PS/PS2) series? - I could not really find a satisfying Battletech-related game where you build your mech and strategize with it. MechWarrior Tactics is still being developed, as I last heard, and looks promising! - Not exactly robots, but... I can't help but be reminded of the fun I had playing Final Liberation. Its looks are indeed not so great compared to nowadays games, but I am sure it is very worth playing, still. ;) Hope that helps you go by!
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Well thank you a lot for a nice followup to my ideas! I gave up hope that anybody will reply already :) Roborally looks interesting indeed and I play some board games too. Unfortunatelly it is not very cheap, but I will check some info about it for sure. Check this :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwOp_DWGUgs I haven't played any of the Battle Isles. Just vaguelly remember the last one and the reviews saying how crazy complex it is:) Guess I will try that yet. But I played Incubation...how similar is that? FInal Liberation? Do you mean Warhammer? http://www.mobygames.com/search/quick?q=final+liberation&x=0&y=0 Recently I realized, that a lot of the things I imagined can be created in the game Garry's Mod. Unfortunatelly it is not really a game, because it lacks a particular goal, but if we would talk about infinite possibilities and creativity tools, then it really excels :) You can also build something and program it to do something by itself or react to environment. But as I said, it is more like a sandbox then a real game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJysUsnUHvo&list=PL440BED610C212FE9&index=4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-bP_5re0xo&list=PL440BED610C212FE9&index=7
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Hi McVitas! Great video link! I did not know these guys had created such a big setup for robo rally! I did not find Battle Isles that complex to understand. But again you might want to use different games nowadays... I mean Advanced Wars (or dual strike or days or ruin or any of the follow ups) has kind of the same gameplay, although you only build units (not really robots). The Final Liberation I was referring to is indeed the Warhammer one - it looks deceptively ugly. ;) You are also getting me to discover Gary's Mod Tanks... Funny idea! Well it has a Minecraft feel attached to it but I still like it. I wish indeed you could take these tanks to do something out there. By the way, I recently stumbled upon some indie projects on kickstarter that could be worth tracking: - M.O.R.E. is a 4x exploration game where you will be able to design your ships by assembling them piece by piece. There is their kickstarter (already successful, no need to add money) page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1447560584/more-oldschool-turn-based-4x-space-strategy-game?ref=category - Sykjacker: starship constructor: looks like a space ship editor that lets you raid capital ships after you built them... http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/digitilus/skyjacker-starship-constructor?ref=live Of course these games are still months (if not years) away... Well, so I guess I don't have a good answer to your request. Or you could start building a team and set out to create the game you want? ;)
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Hello, we are developing game that could interest you, it is called factorio, and you can build automated factories there, check it at www.factorio.com
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FACTORIO: This game is all kinds of awesome :D The look indeed reminded me of Roborally in a way (probably because of the conveyer belts) The way you have to construct a system of mining, power management and item dispersion is totally unique. I've never seen anything like it. I could say it's like Minecraft mixed with Armadillo Run and a tower defense game, but its so much more than that.. There are a few things I dont like (the way that objects block your path, the small interface, bad compression of the music) But, man, is it original! It deserves to be a serious hit.