Tales of Graces f

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#1 Posted by greekmafioso1 (217 posts) -

Is this a good Role playing game to get? This is no sequal to anything right?

#2 Posted by ThirteenChords (229 posts) -

IIRC, most Tales games can be played without having to play any prior installments.

#3 Posted by killerband55 (107961 posts) -

Tales of Graces f is a very good game overall, i love the story and the battle system, and it's not a sequal to anything as well, like the other poster said, most of the Tales games have no sequal to them EXCEPT for Tales of Symphonia

#4 Posted by gohoanq (2973 posts) -

Tales of Graces f is very fun.. it's very slow starting but you'll realize it's a good thing when you actually start to care about the characters lol The combat can be slightly tricky but it's honestly very fun and doesn't take That long to get used to. Long game too.

#5 Posted by Pvt_r3d (7897 posts) -
I don't really find the combat really tricky but everything else is. That's one of the great things about the game though. Whenever a game has something you don't understand, it means the developer has put enough effort into making it complicated. :)
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Graces is a very good game and my GoTY so far. The story and characters are actually good and the combat system is the best a Tales game has ever had. You can't go wrong picking this up if you want a great JRPG. It took me almost 60hrs to beat the main story so its also quite long as well.

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Best combat in the series, but has a smaller world map and lot more backtracking than most tales games. The difficulty is really unbalanced, even for a tales game. It has some good characters, but not the best in the series. Overall it's a really good game.