Super Mario RPG vs. Paper Mario

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#1 Posted by Shenmue_Jehuty (5207 posts) -

I was curious to see which of these mario RPGs you thought was better overall? While I own Super Mario RPG, I have personally never played it and while I know it's an incredible game I was curious to see how it holds up against its spritual successor.

#2 Posted by bub166 (2607 posts) -

I played SMRPG first, and I tend to like games of the SNES era more, so while I'm not sure how relevant those two factors are, SMRPG is my favorite of the two.

#3 Posted by Pixel-Perfect (5778 posts) -

Paper Mario for me. I didn't like SMRPG enough to finish it.

#4 Posted by bowserjr123 (1624 posts) -

Both are great games, but I definitely like Paper Mario, one of my favorite games ever, a lot more. IMO it had a better soundtrack, gameplay, and it felt more unique to me than Mario RPG.

#5 Posted by RahXephon101 (501 posts) -

Both are amazing games, but I will go with Super Mario RPG (which is tied with FF7 as my favourite RPG of all time). I remember playing it as a kid and loving the fact that Mario and Bowser teamed up.

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Super Paper Mario RPG Snes ? What happens when two great companies at the time get together to make a formidable RPG.

#7 Posted by Eikichi-Onizuka (8022 posts) -
Both games are great but I like Paper Mario a bit more.
#8 Posted by juden41 (4447 posts) -
Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga
#9 Posted by riou7 (10833 posts) -

Paper mario. Didn't really like SM RPG

#10 Posted by TheBlackKnight3 (1586 posts) -

Paper Mario>Thousand Year Door>Super Mario RPG>Super Paper Mario


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I played SMRPG back when it caem out...probably the first RPG I played because I was so young and never played one. Very fun game and I have went back and played it some and it still holds up great. I'm also glad I kept the game case and manual because they fetch a good penny.

Paper Mario I bought day 1 by mistake...I went to buy Vigilante 8 2nd offense for one had it, I bought Paper Mario because I just had to have a game, haha...Glad I did. Paper Mario was a blast the first time through. I replayed a few years back and tried again not to long ago but lost interest half way through...but I'll never forget my first play through when it was all new...very fun game and one of my personal favorites when it comes to RPG's. Right up there with Oblivion and SW KOTOR.

I will say Paper Mario is the better of the two.

Now I've also played the GBA Super Mario RPG, forgot the name, has Mario and Luigi, and it isnt one of the sequels, was the first of the series. That game was ok but didnt compare to Paper Mario.

Played thousand Years door...beat it but didn't have near as much fun with it as PM. Just felt slower and more tedius IMO.

I haven't played any of the GBA or DS Mario RPG sequels or the Super Paper Mario game.

Now Paper Mario for the 3ds...if it turns out to be good, I'm buying a 3DS just for that game.