Steering wheel stands. Which one?

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Just ordered myself the Logitech GT wheel to see if i'd be able to get on with using one since I've only just got into racing sims over the last year or so. So I'm now looking for a stand to put it on. As I mostly play the F1 and Dirt series I would ideally want to adjust it between F1 and Rally positions, ie. adjust the wheel 'column' angle low and high and also the angle of the pedal base. I'm not looking to spend a fortune on this as it's more to get a taste, since if I prefer this setup I will be looking to upgrade to the G27 or Thrustmaster with clutch when there are a few more and better supported games available and if I can hide it from the missus, one of those Playseats if I can also decide on a seating position. Any ideas/suggestions? Many Thanks
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I use a "playseat" with the same wheel you have. There are pictures of me using it on my profile!

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i still use my computer desk, but what i did for racing games is i got a car seat from a wrecker yard. this i mounted on a office chair base. it's a lot more comfortable than an office chair, but you also need to raise your pedals a few inches, which i made out of cheap pine offcuts. For Racing, I mount my steering wheel and put my feet up to the pedals, for other stuff, just drop you feet and lean forward and move your steering wheel to one side.

Or if you are handy with a jigsaw, you can build your own playseat pretty easily.